Do Licensed Video Games Have a Future?

Rocksteady Studios finally completed their Batman trilogy following the release of Arkham Knight. They have accomplished a lot with the games, creating a combat system that rejuvenated the action genre, while also proving that story still has a big part to play in video games. Most of all, the Arkham trilogy proved that licensed games can compete with the very best. Or was this just a one off fluke?

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deadfrag1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Now give us the Arkham Collection for PS4,Xbox One,NX,and PC!Its the only remaster collection that i really would like.And put Arkham Origins on it!

Stringerbell1205d ago

I think the biggest dropping of the ball this decade has been Sega and their partnership with Marvel. All the games they put out (with the exception of Captain America which was okay) were garbage. And yes strict deadlines have a lot to do with these games being horrible its always been that way.

Its also a shame because if this was 15 years ago when Sega wasnt a parody of itself I believe these games would have kicked major ass. Imagine an Avengers made in the style of Streets of Rage. An Iron Man game that mimicked the style of Pazner Dragoon. And maybe a Thor game in the style of Golden Axe?

Scatpants1205d ago

I think they should remake ET today. I'd love it if they started making licensed games based on old movies.

jmc88881205d ago

Every game is separate. There have been some fun licensed games.

Unfortunately, too many have been outright cash grabs or what might have been a decent game but rushed out far too quickly in order to release around the time the movie was out.

Plus since in the end, corporations want money, and many people on this planet are stupid, the dynamic will rarely change because a fool and his/her money are easily parted.

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