LEGO Jurassic World Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One

TT Games' goes Jurassic in its latest action adventure platformer.

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uth111209d ago

what's the point? They're lego games, can we really see differences?

Bigpappy1209d ago

It you borrow a pair of fanboy goggles, you will see the difference. I guaranty it!

GrubsterBeater1209d ago

A comparison... really? It's Lego... not a very graphically demanding game. Lol I definitely want to get this for my PS4 though.

Lon3wolf1209d ago

I'm just waiting for the Pong comparison now tbh. In all seriousness I find all these comparisons pointless, unless there are major issues between versions otherwise it's not needed.

PrismNZ1209d ago

PS4 contrast looks a bit better and thats about it. Its a lego game who really gives a shit lol