New Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Video Shows How the Original Gameplay Was Tweaked

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One is less than a month away, with a release date of August 25th, while PC gamers will have to wait longer.

In order to wet our appetite, The Coalition released a new featurette video, explaining how the gameplay was tweaked from the original.

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Cherchez La Ghost1211d ago

Good ViDoc! One thing irritated the hell out of me was you get a headshot kill if you aim in the chest on GoW1.

donthate1211d ago

All games are NOT pixel perfect in their collision detection (unless you are a side scrolling shooter or something). They all have a bounding box, and my guess is the bounding box in certain position causes a collision on the chest. Gears of War is after all a decade old game and I cannot believe it has been a decade already!

That said, go Coalition. This is how you make a real remaster instead of a port you call remaster (I'm looking at you Sony and God of War 3)!

breakpad1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Is me or they tweaked the game to have very quick animations (erratic and obnoxious for me) in order to satisfy the multiplayer fans (ala COD) ???...that s the tragic think about MS never cares about how the game was meant to be played and that has a specific fluidity and specific speed in order to be fun in SP and therefore in MP...they just care to make what they think a pro MPgame ...the exact same thing happened with the transition of SP/MP of HALO:CE (which was epic from every aspect) to HALO sequels (which was an ugly abomination)

shloobmm31210d ago


I believe you are simply seeing the difference between 30 fps and 60fps. Played the beta and it felt just like gears to me.

TwoForce1211d ago

Well damn, that's very good. This much way better than the original GOW.

u4one1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

isn't it "whet" our appetite?

Anyway - looks cool. I guess if you're going to do a remaster, do it proper as they seem to have done.


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FITgamer1211d ago

Is there a fps cap for pc?

Ace Killa 081211d ago

wait for the port report. Some devs don't have the balls to state that.

FITgamer1211d ago

I know they mentioned 4k, i really hope it isn't capped.

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