Soul Calibur 4 Impressions: Online Woes (Shacknews)

Chris Faylor writes:

"When I first popped Soul Calibur IV into my Xbox 360, I was a bit overwhelmed. In the first few moments I was assaulted with talk of destroying equipment and armor, word of activating character skills, some type of one-hit kill Critical Finish thing.

As someone that sunk countless hours into Soul Calibur II but never touched Soul Calibur III, this was confusing, disappointing, and slightly worrisome. It seemed the sequel had lost the simple pick up and play mentality that defined its predecessors.

The more I've put into the game, the more that feeling of disappointment has lessened, replaced the familiar sensation of wanting, no, needing, to play more. However, there's still a twinge of disappointment, a notion that the sequel isn't everything I'd hoped for.

The online play has been problematic and prone to match-destroying lag. Character creation and customization isn't explained well, leading to much confusion. And despite pouring over all provided documentation, I still don't know how to unlock new parts."

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sushipoop3525d ago

aw the online is laggy for the 360 version? damn. hopefully they're using dedicated servers for the PS3 version but i bet they're not.

games4fun3525d ago

besides the ridiculous customization and the addition of yoda as a cheap character/possible dlc (hope not dont want him on my ps3) that throws off the balanced fighting Soul Calibur sustained for three different games,

the saving grace was online and the only real reason to buy it, the ps3 version better be using sony's dedicated servers or i may not even buy it at all if it runs poorly online for the ps3

signed: disillusioned Soul Calibur Fan

AZgamerB3yond3525d ago

laggy because he bought it on the "other system"