Why Waiting for the NX Will Benefit Next Zelda Game

With Zelda Wii U being pushed back until 2016, why not wait a little longer and have a strong, fan-favorite game to launch with the Nintendo NX?

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LegendZelda1238d ago

If they do this then I worry it will be a half-ported game like Twilight Princess was on the wii. It never fully took control of the wii's controller and felt unnatural to use.

bcornett141238d ago

To then the other end of the spectrum with so much in Skyward Sword relying on the motion control. One could hope they learn to find the balance.

higgins781237d ago

WTF!? Skyward Sword 'relying' on Motion Plus is EXACTLY what made it great, a true classic and revolution of the series. I don't know how or why anybody would want to go back to a 'traditional' control scheme in Zelda after playing Skyward Sword for even 10 minutes.

Erik73571238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

The demo they showed running on the wii-u a Year ago ran horrible,AA was terrible, FPS was terrible,draw distance was terrible,and full of pop in......

I'm assuming the NX version wont have that, I would be more worried about the Wii-U version if you ask me. It looks like Zelda's ambitions outpace its hardware

Germany71237d ago

It was just a beta footage...

uncharted561237d ago

Its a nintendo game are you srsly complaining about graphics? They do unique art style and great gamepla y not mind blowing graphics. Not saying that should be the practice as they could probably make it look real good but people play games from nintendo because they know weather the game has a story or not or if it doesn't have great graphics it will still have fun game play.

herbs1237d ago

What a daft comment game in development seems unfinished wow. GTA 5 is still the most advanced open world game and it works on last gen 500mbs Wii U has 4X that open world games are fine on Wii U look at Xenoblades.

Concertoine1237d ago

Thats what a game looks like years before release.

I know were all used to a fake demo that looks worse than the retail game, but at least Nintendo showed an honest work in progress (that still looked pretty good)

ChickeyCantor1237d ago

" The demo they showed running on the wii-u a Year ago ran horrible,AA was terrible, FPS was terrible,draw distance was terrible,and full of pop in....."

What video did you watch?

jcnba281237d ago

The footage looked amazing and it was in pre-alpha stage at the time. Don't be silly.

Sly-Lupin1237d ago

...If it were pre-alpha, there wouldn't have been any footage to show off.

Learn what words mean before you use them!

fatneal1237d ago

you could tell how bad the zelda beta was by an off screen video?...smh sometimes you internet clowns should just shut up

BrandanT1236d ago

I guess this s what Reggie meant by some users will be unhappy if they show footage to early.

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LonDonE1237d ago

Agreed this whole situation has me depressed!
I love my wii u and would love to see them support it better.

Instead of just giving up on it, why dont they remove the dam game pad from the bundle and put a pro controller into every pack and sell the console for like £149? make it dirt cheap in other words.

Why dont they redisign it and make a new version of it with a proper hard drive and ethernet port etc a reworked o.s without game pad requiremtn and bundle a pro controller with every sku?

I just hate how they have this defeatist attitude!
Since Sony entered gaming its like they gave up on the core gamers and feel like they cant compete which is wrong!

And since they delayed Zelda wii u why didn't they at the very least give us a HD remake/port of skyward sword on wiiu? they could even make it so you can swipe the game pad screen in the direction you want link to swipe with the sword?

I would so buy allot of the game cube games and wii games remade in 1080p 60fps on wiiu or even 720p 60fps as long as they include full pro controller and game pad control's!

That would of given wii u gamers more to play over this year while we wait.
I would love a mario galaxies hd port/remake or a metroid prime trilogy in hd. :(

Hell i would be happy with just 1080p/720p hd ports of wii and game cube games with some anti aliasing thrown in to smooth out the image and bam we have more games to play on our wii u which most owners of the console love.

I know the wii u can play wii games, but i am talking about hd versions of said game with anti aliasing to smoth out jaggies like what project dolphin does on pc.
And with traditional gamepad/pro controller support would be EPIC!!

The wii versions of said games look bad on a hd tv, so i know most of my family friends would gladly buy hd remakes/ports of wii games and game cube games.
I would LOVE a hd twilight princess to hold me over till the new zelda.

They could even just release them in the eshop to cut costs, I WOULD TAKE ANYTHING at this point instead of letting the wii u die!

WizzroSupreme1237d ago

It'll sure benefit it if we get a 1080p Zelda like the NX is rumored to be capable of.

herbs1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

If it does come out for Wii U and NX then obviously the NX will be backwards compatible with the Gamepad which I hope is the case. If they go with brand new architecture for the NX then they would likely have to emulate previous software which would mean it would have to be 5-10X more powerful than Wii U. I have a feeling it will still be PPC though and will just run the older software and will be on par with PS4 overall maybe better GPU or CPU but with less ram or somthing.

Sureshot1237d ago

Doesn't that make the wii u the first Nintendo console not to have an original zelda release?

wonderfulmonkeyman1237d ago

No, because Zelda U is still headed to Wii U.
They've stated as such already.

Sureshot1237d ago

Yes but if it's out on both it wouldn't be an original release would it?

wonderfulmonkeyman1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Being adapted for a different console wouldn't change the console who's architecture it was built for.
And in any case, they haven't once stated that this is coming to the NX.
People are stating it will just because TP came to the Wii, which serves as nothing more than an exception with no evidence towards it being the rule going forwards.

Put bluntly, it's too soon to state it will hit the NX.
Especially when Zelda is due in 2016 and the NX won't be out until at least 2017, according to their habitual console release style, a precedent that has been the rule for a while now for Nintendo when releasing new hardware.

The last time we caught a glimpse of Zelda U, it was a pretty solid looking build.
They wouldn't hold it back yet another year after having done so much and having made us wait so long.

And besides, it would be better for the NX to get its own Zelda built from the ground up specifically for its new hardware.
They could make an even bigger and better Zelda, then.

ShellB1237d ago

Lets just wait for the NX 2.0 for even better results. Trust me, I'm from the future.

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