Life is Strange - Episode 4 - Dark Room Review | OnlySP

OnlySP: DONTNOD's Life is Strange's narrative has paralleled the the trajectory of the massive tornado that is hurtling towards their fictional Oregon town of Arcadia Bay. The initial review provided intrigue; what is the meaning and why is it happening? As each slowly began to move towards their ultimate end goal, the questions surround them, instead of being answered, multiplied. Through each episode, no matter how Maxine Caulfield chose to use her power to rewind time, these two concurrent entities have continued to become more frantic and hurried— juggernauts hurtling with total abandon towards their shared cataclysmic destinies.

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Sarah_Ch1211d ago

This episode was so epic, That ending tho:(

rebeljoe141211d ago

Great game I was really hype for Ep 4

sprinterboy1211d ago

Awesome from start to fimish