Upgrading to Windows 10 | A Gamer’s guide to the big switch

Dealspwn: "Today is the big day – Windows 10 is launching worldwide. To mark the occasion, we thought we would collate all the information about Microsoft’s new OS and how it relates to PC gamers. After all, regardless of whether you think being an early adopter is exciting or foolish, there are many gamers that will be making the switch as soon as they are able. So take a look through our handy guide as we explain what is new, what to watch out for, and which games are confirmed to run on the new OS – along with those that definitely won’t."

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bggriffiths1211d ago

Fingers crossed this doesn't go tits up, but I can't wait for an adults version of windows again. Loved 7, but can't stand 8 and the Tiles mess.

TheImprobableMulk1211d ago

Agreed on the Metro start screen. I could see the reasoning and the potential, but it really didn't work in the desktop environment (it's great on tablets, though.) I just hope that, as the article mentions, the auto-update feature doesn't screw everything up for early adopters.

ramiuk11211d ago

i have upgraded today and its great,i have been running preview program for a while though.

win10 great but i have turned loads of crap off as it does want to send MS alot of my browsing and data.

343_Guilty_Spark1211d ago

The problem with that logic is you could have avoided the tiles almost completely and stayed in the desktop.

Anyway, there is no reason to stay on Windows 7 and lower...10 is light years better

Crimzon1210d ago

Honestly, I think being an early adopter is always unwise and in the case of operating systems, very risky. Windows 10 has just launched today and despite people having access to preview builds for a while now, I can't help but wonder what problems people are going to run into over the coming months. Maybe it's not such a big deal to some people but if you do a lot of work on your computer, why risk it?

I guess I'm fortunate in that I'm still running Windows 7 so I don't feel the urgent need to upgrade like those stuck with Windows 8, but I'd definitely let other people try Windows 10 for a while before committing to an upgrade myself. After seeing initial reports about some security/privacy concerns with the OS (such as collection and sharing of WiFi passwords to people in your Facebook friends list, and then their friends?!) I can't help but wonder what else is going on under the hood.

XBLSkull1210d ago

Windows 8 is great, tell it to boot to the desktop instead of metro UI and it is way better than windows 7, shame some people didn't know it was so simple to make it like a faster win7. Anyways, can't wait yo be contacted when my copy of win 10 is ready, ill be installing on all my compatible devices.

Kleptic1210d ago

^yeah, i'll NEVER understand some people with that...Win8, and especially 8.1, was proven across multiple benchmarks to be superior at cpu allocation, superior with many 64 bit games, superior at ssd prioritization...and less problematic with various 'power state' issues during gaming the (the cause of the 'unpark your cores' jokes all over certain game forums)...

yet, because of a different...but avoidable...start screen...a lot of people try to make it out like the next Vista...

I don't know...i'd take superior performance over some UI changes...any day...its not like the start menu was that great to begin with, only familiar...

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343_Guilty_Spark1211d ago

Not sure if you were aware or not but in Windows 8.1 you could have avoided the tiles 95% of the time. Windows 7 was a performance and memory hog, huge drain on battery for mobile devices, Alec. Anyway No good reason any user should remain on 7, 10 is light years better.

Summons751211d ago

7 was better than 8....but I'm upgrading my pc as we speak because 10 sounds really great and very gaming friendly, plus it's free and early reviews have been really positive.

starchild1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but I'm not going to upgrade my main gaming PC to it just yet. I have so many games and programs I will have to reinstall and I want to wait until more of the kinks are ironed out. I'm also waiting for Intel's Skylake processors to launch. I don't want to switch to Windows 10 now only to have to redo everything in a couple months.

My plan is to install Windows 10 on a larger, faster SSD. I want to upgrade my motherboard, processor and OS all at the same.

Elit3Nick1210d ago

You don't have to reinstall anything, it gives you the choice to keep everything or do a clean install.

SegaGamer1210d ago

I'm with you on this Starchild. I won't be switching to Windows 10 until i know for sure that everything i use or plan to use actually works on it.

DirtyPete1211d ago

I have high hopes for this. Auto updates are a little concerning with early version. Hopping to get a better desktop feel too

kneon1211d ago

I think only the home version doesn't allow disabling the auto update. I only run Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise which all move to Windows 10 Pro, so hopefully I can choose when to allow an update.

DillyDilly1211d ago

Im still waiting for my download

Str8Chaos741210d ago

You can download the media creation tool and upgrade that way so you don't have to wait. That is what I did and it worked perfectly. You can make an ISO disk as well if you want to do a clean install. Here is the link.

Why o why1210d ago

cheers +1

my update service was effin me off with failures

LilMassacre1211d ago

My download is stuck on the "working on it" screen for 2 hours now.

nitus101210d ago

If it's taking that long you have a problem. It is best to stop and start the upgrade again.

I do hope you have made a backup you can recover from before hand though.

LilMassacre1210d ago

I ended up going to control panel and than going to windows update and downloading it for there.

magiciandude1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I have been using the beta since MS released that and it's the best Windows OS to date IMO. They changed what plagued Windows 8 and it's a return to form, something that is to be very welcomed. It's also far better than Windows 7 in terms of performance. Using my Windows 7 home office desktop right now and it's downloading the free upgrade. Can't wait to wave this OS goodbye.

I'll take the risk and install Windows 10 on my gaming rig as well.

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