Firefall MMO confirmed for PS4 launch

Firefall shows up at ChinaJoy. Coming to PS4.

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Septic1236d ago

This looks great. Always wanted to try it.

ShellB1236d ago

I played it for a week. The quests are a mess and the combat is not satisfying. Don't waste your time and skip it.

urwifeminder1236d ago

I played for a little while on PC it was a bit more fun than I expected but I never went back as I had too many games to play at the time.

slinky1234561236d ago

Was interested in it and watched many Twitch streamers play it. It didn't seem to have the greatest lasting appeal but expanding the ability for more people to play it can always mean potential for it to become better... could have the opposite effect too though.

XtaZ1236d ago

I purchased the founders package a long time ago as I had high hopes for the game and I've been coming back every big update to see whats different but the game is still disappointing. Regret the purchase to say the least. It's beautiful though. Love the tropical setting and graphic style.

Deviwolf1236d ago

is it confirmed for western as well?