TeamXbox: Soulcalibur IV Review

Review by Dale "Legba" Nardozzi:

"The fighting game genre ain't what it used to be. Blame it on the demise of the American arcade, the complexity of the new consoles or simple changes in taste– fighting games are popping up on fewer and fewer "must have" radars these days.

With DoA creators Team Ninja facing a rocky road ahead with partners Tecmo, the recent fighting game landscape is a little more barren lately than what it has traditionally been. Itagaki's competition sure hasn't rested on its laurels, however. Capcom is on the verge of releasing Street Fighter IV, Midway is nearing completion on a DC crossover with its Mortal Kombat series, and our friends over at Namco just released an impressive version of the original Soulcalibur for Xbox Live Arcade.

Namco decided to one-two combo the competition in 2008 by following up the XBLA Soulcalibur release with the spankin-new Soulcalibur IV– a freshened version of this long-running franchise. You may have already asked yourself, "What could Namco do to overshadow Capcom's/Midway's upcoming releases?" After playing Soulcalibur IV, the answer is, simply, "a lot.""

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spunnups3710d ago

and regret it because of the dysfunctional D-Pad, or do you not care and fight using the control stick? I see most people got it because of XBL (that did get the Xbox version, most others got the PS3 version for Vader) but then I wonder how the hell your supposed to play a fighting game without a functional D-Pad.

Acidicpack3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I don't know about a D-Pad but I will be using the arcade stick. At least with me I find it easer using the arcade stick than using a D-Pad.

KyonoRocks3710d ago

Yeah I bought my first ever Arcade stick the other day in preparation. I figure it will be tough to get into it for the first time but after a lot of practice it should be better than the D-pad I'm used to using on my PS2 versions of SC

This review was a bit weird. From what I gathered from all the other reviews and videos of the game, this is pretty much a graphical showcase.. yet this review says there are better looking fighters. No examples though..

Fox013710d ago

the game doesn't play like Tekken or Street Fighter, so the D-pad isn't a problem here.

Sitdown3710d ago

I a matter of fact, I do not think the d-pad on the 360 is a big as a problem if people want to just have some that are not willing to take the time to adjust to it. For example....I dislike arcade sticks.......but that is because I never had the desire to take the time and make it work for me.........while others rant and rave about them.

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felidae3710d ago

played it on the 360 today.

very good game but the dpad is horrible.

i think i will get the ps3 version of SC4

nonetheless - it's a very very great game for fighting freaks.

InMyOpinion3710d ago

I had no problems with the d-pad whatsoever, plus the 360 version has achievements which I look forward to unlocking.

rjgbyrne3710d ago

Just a diffect exclusive(Vader/Yoda) character and different joypads... horrible!?! I have never played a game on either joypad thats horrible. Ha ha! Whatever console you own, buy this game if it suits you. If you have both consoles, buy it for the one you will use most. Otherwise I urge everyone to not listen to remarks about this is better, that is better. The trouble with the world today is very narrow minded people stating these so called 'Facts'. PS3 games, Xbox 360 gamers, you are in for a treat either way. I wish one day we can all play on the same network with these games and fight against each other. For the luv of games, enjoy them whatever console. Thanks Namco.

Legionaire20053710d ago

He breaks the game, because he is too fast and nobody, not even himself can throw Yoda. Nuff said.

Man_of_the_year3710d ago

I have both a 360 and ps3 and i find that the d-pad on both are way too akward for my fingers - i prefer the analog stick on both rather than the D-pad. I also bought the 360 version as i like the diversity that Yoda brings to the fighting....also there are rumors about Vadar coming to 360. Here is a link to the fight video...also if Vadar comes to the 360 as a DLC i am pretty sure Yoda will end up on the ps3 version via DLC.

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