Grandia II HD Edition Coming To GOG, First Screenshots Released [UPDATE: Coming Also To Steam]

GungHo Online Entertainment America announced today that the remastered version of Game Arts’ critically acclaimed JRPG Grandia II HD Edition for PC will be available for purchase on the digital distribution site

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Yi-Long1207d ago

Enjoyed this game on Dreamcast. Nice battle-system.

Tzuno1207d ago

Oh yeah, OMG yeah!!! fk Yeah, my most beloved rpg. Grandia 1 best.

LightofDarkness1207d ago

Wow, PC is getting a ton of JRPGs lately. Tonnes of Japanese games in general, really. Which is excellent, because that means they can live on in perpetuity thanks to x86 compatibility :)

Spyroo1207d ago

Bunch of old games and ports off old ones still pretty meh

slappy5081207d ago

Nice coming to steam as well! Keep these jrpgs rolling in PC!

Viryu1207d ago

Wait... Grandia 2 was already released on PCs in 2002. I know, since I've played it on PC somewhere around then. Not sure why it's being released now.

Anyway, quite awesome game, had enormous fun playing it back then.

TheROsingleB1207d ago

If I remember correctly, there were a lot of issues with the original PC version (for some people - possibly did not effect your set up at the time)
Graphical issues, crash issues, video play issues (black screen but the audio would play) which may have been patched later, and not likely by the developers. I knew there were reasons why I hadn't picked this version up at the time and stuck with the Dreamcast one.

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The story is too old to be commented.