Pro Evolution Soccer 2016’s 3D Head Scan Tech Looks Impressive

Konami has released a new image from Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, showing off its 3D head scan that is being used in its latest soccer title.

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smolinsk1206d ago

Wow looks really good:)

nowitzki20041206d ago

"Also, it’s still unknown whether the PC version will feature visuals that can compete those of current-gen consoles"

I know I wish my rig can compete with my PS4 in visuals... smh

brokenbracket1206d ago

Man, those screenshots look amazing.

SunnyZ1206d ago

No matter how good they make it look, it is still just an awful game, not talking about soccer itself being awful, the people behind soccer and the game they are playing.

You can thank FIFA for that. So corrupt it ain't funny.
Spend a couple minutes of your day and educate yourself about this evil corporation.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Well worth it. Don't buy their stuff.

Riddler891206d ago

I've always been a fifa fan but after the bullshit with price ranges and what not I'm seriously considering moving to PES, I just don't know exactly how different the two are like gameplay wise and what modes PES has and how many teams and what not they have compared to fifa.. Graphics wise PES looks just as good if not better than fifa in that regard but theres definitely more to a game then just how it looks

Dfooster1206d ago

Well good news for you because PES 2015 played a better game of football than FIFA last year. If you can live without all the licences and want a good deep game of football then PES is the one to get.

lutfarssmc1206d ago

PES is the game that u will enjoy all the year without the need of multiplayer. If u enjoy unpredictibility, randomness,depth etc over shiny presentation & licencing of football u will like it a lot.

Riddler891206d ago

Awesome! I think I'm gonna have to give it a try this year or at least buy it along with fifa and see which one I like better

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