Videogame Impact Report: Hideo Kojima Interview

As promised, all week Variety will be providing transcripts of some of the interviews conducted for Variety's just released videogames impact report. First up is "Metal Gear Solid" impresario Hideo Kojima. And who better to interview him than "Metal Gear" player, Variety critic, Kotaku news editor and SexyVideogameLand proprietor Leigh Alexander? Here's her conversation with Kojima.

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darkshiz3707d ago

Good read.

Kojima's games are beyond games.

Bangladesh3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I completely disagree with Sony fans regarding Kojima. I don't see how it took "talent" to first completely rip off the Kyle Reese character from Terminater, and later the Snake Pliskin character from Escape from New York.

His writing is completely convuluted and incoherent. I have never played a Metal Gear game that by the end, I didn't end up thinking that it was a a literary abortion. The 3rd person gameplay is clumsy. And his games all the way 80's are blatantly obvious attempts of an eastern dev trying to make a western game. And what's with all of the out of place sexual perversion?

I know that some people like Kojima, but I personally think that him and the MG series are over rated.

panasonic233707d ago

holysh*t i never know about him ripping off movies