Infamous Live Wire Demo with IGN

Sucker Punch shows off the game.

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i_like_ff73643d ago

Honestly this game is not getting enough attention...

mesh13643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

the game looks average. and also for a 2009 game this game will be forgotting the multiplats in 2009 let aslone exclusive will make this game seem weak

sushipoop3643d ago

One bubble lol. Why bother?

morganfell3643d ago

Forgotting? And yeah, that's why so many members of the press were fawning all over this game. The disjointed statements of someone that has yet to master basic grammar skills are unlikely to dissuade even the most ignorant among us.

So, how is that one bubble working out for you?

marinelife93643d ago

The game looks great and I will probably pickup day one. I just hope they up the lightning effects they need to look and sound a lot more powerful.

BattleAxe3643d ago

This game looks fantastic and personally I think the graphics look amazing compared to GTA4.

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sushipoop3643d ago

Jessica Chobot is so sexy and InFamous, even though I've seen this demo many times already, just looks better and better.

Playstation Man3643d ago

It's stealing some thunder from Killzone 2 on my most wanted list. Honestly, this looks incredible!

darkshiz3643d ago

It's not stealing my thunder because it comes out after Killzone 2.

October - Littlebigplanet
November - Resistance 2
February - Killzone 2
April? - Infamous?

November - Gears of War 2

Need to get Fallout 3 later on because I'll be playing to much of these games this year.

BattleAxe3643d ago

October - SOCOM: Confrontation
- MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
- LittleBigPlanet

November - Resistance 2

February - Killzone 2

Spring 09 - InFamous

LastDance3643d ago

the effects are psycho!....this game looks good.....the hand to hand combat looks like it would be clunky and shtty like GTA tho....

Figboy3643d ago

would you ever go for hand to hand combat when you can SHOOT LIGHTNING from your fingertips?!

just wondering.

whateva3643d ago

and thats all I have to say.

BigPappaPump3643d ago

I'm with you as long the gameplay and story deliver. This game indeed looks promising.

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The story is too old to be commented.