Petition to Bring Back Split-Screen for Halo 5: Guardians Reaches Nearly 5k Signatures

when 343 Industries announced that it would not be available in the next entry Halo 5: Guardians, many fans were disappointed. As a result, user Dawid Grzybowski started a petition asking for it to be brought back which is titled “Add Split-Screen Co-Op to Halo 5.“

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RickFletzer1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Not even worth a petition, they aren't to delay the game for it and they already scheduled out their remaining dev time almost positively.

Essentially, they spread themselves too thin to optimize splitscreen (which is necessary due to increase calculations that occur with splitscreen. I am super sad to see no splitscreen.

Also, 5k signatures is nothing, especially when factoring in trolls. At least compared to the halo fanbase. Regardless I will be in the group that thinks not taking time to prepare splitscreen is a huge mistake, playing multiplayer and coop with friends and family is what made halo great to begin with.

Erik73571209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Spread resources to thin? They have been developing this game for 3 years and not a mention of bringing back firefight which people wanted and non-open world single player....So i really cant think of a excuse for not enough time for split screen,every other halo had it why not this one? It's only because they cant get 60 with split-screen.....the only thing holding back halo's potential is console's hardware not development time.

Dan_scruggs1209d ago

So something like 40 million people have bought Halo games and it only has 5k signatures. Good luck guys.

Zero1091209d ago

Yeah because 90% of halo gamers (and normal consumers who don't really go to gaming website/news) know about this petition. /s

Dan_scruggs1209d ago

100% of your statment was nonsense. See I can make up statistics too.

Erik73571209d ago

And about 50% of the 40 million used split screen and expect it in this one....

spicelicka1209d ago

I think he means statistically only 5k signed it regardless of how many want it, which isn't a big enough number.

shloobmm31209d ago

I haven't split acreen gamed in years outside of a lego game with my wife. I want the best quality game i can get so if split screen has to go then so be it

Erik73571209d ago

Dude...split screen....halo....they go hand and hand.....

LoveSpuds1209d ago

I have to laugh really, they try and spin the story to sound like there is some kind of outcry and yet 5k signature from such a supposedly huge fanbase seems quite pitiful to me.

spicelicka1209d ago

most people just don't know or are too lazy to sign up for that

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The story is too old to be commented.