Gametrailers Best of E3 Awards - "Best of Show'

There were a lot of strong games this year - but there can be only one best of show.

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infinate3711d ago

Wasn't exspecting Resident Evil 5 to win, but it makes me want this game even more now.

JasonXE3710d ago

basically all there awards went to re5. I would be surprised if RE5 wasn't picked by them. I don't know if there playing it safe or if RE5 is that good.

ChampIDC3710d ago

RE5 definitely looks amazing, but my pick would have been either Fallout 3 or Left 4 Dead for their innovation.

grantps33711d ago

well i would say res. 5 does deserve it. but resistance 2 and killzone 2 werent even on the list.

i say prince of persia shouldnt be on it and killzone should be in its place. to me prince of persia had poor graphics and i thought it looked sloppy

MK_Red3710d ago

Yeah right. RE5 is decent but not much different from RE4 and in presnse of LBP, Spore and Fallout 3, it doesn't even look that good.

NMC20073710d ago

Well I can't say that I am not happy that RE5 won but I am kinda surprised, given that it seems to be the same as RE4, which isn't a bad thing, I dunno, I guess I have to play it to see. I am glad RE5 won though.

4cough3710d ago

Why would Resistance or killzone be on the list ? Because there is a serious questions about the AI and gameplay in killzone 2 and the same goes for RFOMS2 gamplay .

Both RSFOM1 and KZ1 with failures even more so with Killzone.

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The story is too old to be commented.