Penny Arcade Really Does Like The PS3 After All

Vlad Ceraldi, president of game's developer Hothead Games has said that the lack of a PSN version of Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is all about the technology, not any lack of love for the PS3.

The game has been out for the Xbox Live Arcade and PC for about two months now, and fans have wondered when or if a playstation version would arrive. "Everyone seemed to come up with their own rumors," Ceraldi said. "They thought there was exclusivity or that Penny Arcade doesn't like the Playstation 3 but that wasn't it at all."

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Darkiewonder3495d ago

Sucking up to gamers to buy the game on psn! NICE!

gano3495d ago

Still don't buy trash.

solar3495d ago

because we all know if u dont love, cherish, and develop for the almighty ps3 you are a lazy, crappy, POS developer. right Valve?


Skerj3495d ago

Nah the reason it didn't make it on PSN in the first place is because the version of the Torque engine the game is built on wasn't running well on PS3, not sure if they used Torque X/360 or not.

m91058263495d ago

You hit the nail on the head my friend. Bubbles up for you.

Torque wasn't friendly with the ps3 architecture until very recently.

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