Should Gamers be Upgrading To Windows 10 Right Now?

SegmentNext - Windows 10 puts emphasis on gaming like no other OS before it. Microsoft brought-in the Xbox App that has some pretty cool features that would surely impressive gamers all around.

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nX1207d ago

I'd say it's too early to upgrade for gamers and non-gamers alike, I for one will wait a few weeks like with any other OS.

Roccetarius1207d ago

Weeks? I'll wait a few months to hear about what's up.

nX1207d ago

Yeah I'll definitely wait for proper functionality reports as well, just keep in mind that the free upgrade is only available within the first 12 months.

starchild1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Yeah, I'm waiting a little while to switch over my main gaming PC. I have so many games and programs and it's going to be a major pain to reinstall everything I want.

I'm waiting until more of the kinks are ironed out, which will almost certainly come to light after this OS is adopted by a large number of PC gamers.

The main reason I'm waiting, though, is because I plan to upgrade my motherboard and processor when Skylake processors come out in a month or two. It just makes sense to upgrade my OS, motherboard and processor all at the same time.

donthate1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I upgraded a while back when Windows 10 was in beta, and so far there hasn't been a hitch other than a few UI issues early on.

Those are no longer there, and the latest version I am on has been rock solid for 3-weeks now. Typing on Windows 10 right now.

The core of Windows 8.1 is still in Windows 10, with mostly a cosmetic changes and functionality so there shouldn't be to many issues.

All my programs work fine, including very old ones. Almost none of them have gotten the Windows 10 compatibility mark, and the drivers are all for Windows 8 for my hardware.

That said, people have too many different configurations that some are bound to have some issues.

I'm really digging the Xbox app on Windows 10 though, and the game streaming has been great. You can record and screenshot on Windows 10 with the stream.

kneon1206d ago

I'll probably move one machine this weekend, after a full backup. The rest can move later once I'm convinced it's ready and worth the trouble.

r1sh121206d ago

i was in the preview program, worked with all games including knights of the old republic 2.
Upgraded my main PC for it, all is well.
The only annoying thing is the nvidia drivers that were forced, i just disabled auto updates for drivers and rolled back.
Everything is fine.

The difference with this OS - a lot of user feedback was used.

donthate1206d ago

It is MS move to an agile development process that aims to have rapid iteration releases, with a feedback cycle.

That is why MS is so innovative for a large company. It used to be more for smaller companies (and when I say smaller think 300 man team), but this is practically company wide with thousands and thousands of developers.

Crazy if you think about it.

mixelon1206d ago

YOLO! I updated as soon as the previews came out, and other than the oculus rift not working for one of the releases, everything has been peachy.

People are too cautious, or maybe they don't like tinkering/trying new stuff as me..

As long as you back up well you have nothing to lose. :D

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BlackPanther1206d ago

I have it now and it is very enjoyable. Edge is actually fast which is nice and it looks clean.

The Xbox app is nice as well and streaming works pretty well which is nice, I can play Xbox in my room now.

Death1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I would say it really depends on the device and how you use it. My Surface is a no-brainer. My office PC I'm not sure about since it's primarily used for business. My business PC is running customer software that isn't compatible with Windows 10. My gaming rig I will definitely update as soon as it comes through. My Media Center PC that streams all of my movies, music, pictures and TV shows will be a wait and see since Media Center isn't in Windows 10.

Father__Merrin1206d ago

im sticking with win 8.1 its been a good performance jump from win 7,

IrishSt0ner1206d ago

I don't really see the point in waiting to see this time around, considering it's been out for 9 months in preview without any major issues.

Upgraded all my computers today.. my old office PC runs a lot faster, all-in-one touchscreen worked right off the bat (had lots of driver issues going to Win8), Gaming PC has seen an improvement in the FPS on all the games I've tried (roughly 5-10fps).

I think gamers should upgrade as soon as possible, there's a slight performance improvement right away and it'll help speed up DX12 adoption for those massive gains on multi-threading, GPU/iGPU stacking and so on.

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