GT5 Prologue On PS3 Gets Gamers Tuned Up

Sony hasn't revealed digital download sales for GT5 Prologue, but the retail version has sold 224K copies in the U.S. whetting appetites for the full GT5 still to come. We chat with Sony about what's making gamers rev their engines.

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PoSTedUP3642d ago

GT5 & SOCOM i cant live without.

Aclay3642d ago

I knew that GT5P was the first PS3 game to go platinum just in pre-orders in Europe, and it's nice to see that it has sold very well. 2 million units of a so called "demo" was sold, now that's pretty damn good. I bought GT5P and loved it, the graphics in Prologue are just mind-blowing.

C_SoL3642d ago

yea, ODB........if thats not him, then it looks like him.

I still need to buy this game.

Judge Mental3642d ago

I traded in that piece of crap GTA4 for GTP after only for only 2 weeks.

The price GTP sells for makes it and exceptional value. This is one of my favorite PS3 games to date.

I love the online, it's a blast.

jcfilth3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I thought I was weird 'cause I didn't like GTAIV. I did the same thing, I traded it for MGS4.

Don't forget the update in Aug 4!!

TheColbertinator3642d ago

I can't wait for the GTTV update.I'm a big fan of cars.

shine13963642d ago

I wonder how much top gear is going to cost in the uk, since you can watch it for free (live) and then still watch it for free with the brilliant BBC iplayer. They should make Iplayer work on ps3...they really should...

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