Entertainment Software Association Interview

It has been a busy year for the US's main video-PC game trade group the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The group held their annual massive trade show E3 last May in Los Angeles and then two months later announced a massive reorganization of the trade show in 2007 to a much smaller invite only event in Santa Monica (Editor's Note: The ESA has declined several attempts by FiringSquad in the past few months to comment about their E3 2007 plans, including this interview). The ESA has also spearheaded court battles to fight against laws that would restrict sales of certain games at the retail level with court wins for the ESA in Minnesota, Louisiana and Michigan (similar laws in Oklahoma and California await a final court decision). FiringSquad got a chance to ask some questions to the ESA's president Doug Lowenstein to get his perspective on several video game industry issues.

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