Review: Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room -- Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer writes: "The meticulous preparation, timing and execution necessary for effectively utilizing a cliffhanger ending can be considered as one of the most daunting feats to perfect in almost any type of medium. There have been few cases where it’s been pulled off flawlessly -- some might even claim that it’s never been attained -- but the last time I vividly witnessed an emotionally charged, well-crafted ending was in Dontnod Entertainment’s Episode 3: Chaos Theory. Dontnod elevated the episodic series’ expectations to an unprecedented level with the thrilling and stunning conclusion delivered in the previous episode, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that Episode 4: Dark Room, the penultimate chapter in Life Is Strange, would need its own ‘ace in the hole’ to raise the bar even further (that is, if it was even possible). As my four-hour-long playthrough of Episode 4: Dark Room finally came to a close, I couldn’t have expected more of an impeccable episode in terms of its storytelling, themes, voice acting and character development."

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