Nintendo has sold 1.62M copies of Splatoon worldwide

Nintendo plans to continue pushing Splatoon through the end of the year.

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STK0261211d ago

It's most certainly an impressive number considering the install base. At the rate it is selling, I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months it meant 1 out of 5 Wii-U owners had the game. I hope this shows Nintendo that Splatoon has the potential to be a big franchise and it won't be a one off. And I also hope it shows them that new franchises can be as viable and profitable as their classic ones.

Darkfist1211d ago

wow good thing i didnt buy this, the fanboys supported this right way, it has a bright future for a sequel with alot of improvement, story mode needs to be longer with more intresting enemies, finished it at a friend's house in 1 day, too bad multiplayer isnt that fun.

Neonridr1211d ago

1.62 million people probably disagree with you.

Mikito111211d ago

If the multiplayer wasn't fun I wouldn't still be playing it daily! And I don't usually get into online multiplayer games at all.. Splatoon is super frantic fun

wonderfulmonkeyman1211d ago

It's a new franchise.
There weren't any fanboys to boost it by name to begin with, unlike Mario.
And before you try and use the excuse of "Nintendo fanboys in general", consider this: Code Name STEAM didn't sell that hot to same said fanboys.

Splatoon is selling so well because it's a genuinely great game.
Not because of fanboys.
Your dislike of it, especially after only having played one day of matches when there's still content coming for it, is entirely irrelevant to how good a game it is, and how much better it is becoming.

Jag-T10001211d ago

Gotta enjoy that Wii U because its almost extinct. Its not gonna get phased out over a year, its gonna get dropped overnight when the NX comes out.

MSBAUSTX1211d ago

Yeah just like the 360 and PS3 got dropped overnight when the XB1 and PS4 came out. Wait.....that isnt what happened at all. Oh well, I guess you are just dead wrong then. Good bye.

Kalebninja1211d ago

Over 80 million owned a ps3 and the same for the 360 while only 10 million own wii u's. big difference VERY big difference.

instantstupor1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I hate to say it, but they are probably right. Sony had a few exclusives that went to PS3 after PS4 came out. MS had...none? I don't recall any for the 360 after the One dropped. Almost all the support coming for last gen is 3rd party. And we all know how hard 3rd party support is to come by on the Wii U (disc based "AAA" stuff anyways).

I expect my Wii U might limp along like my poor Vita: indies and AA games popping up from time to time (Freedom Wars, Persona Q DAN). But be prepared for it to be forgotten pretty quickly by Nintendo proper. Maybe a few cross-gen exclusives like Sony/MS have done in the beginning. Zelda looking like the most likely option.

IamTylerDurden11211d ago

@ Msbaustx

Your kinda wrong, look at how many PS3 and 360 exclusives there are now, look at 360 sales numbers. Software dried up very quickly and these are systems with 80+ million units sold (each). The wii u will become a ghost town within 3-6 months. The Vita is at 12 million in sales and the wii u is hovering in the 10 million range, it's a ball n chain Nintendo is just waiting to cut loose.

deafdani1210d ago

You're conveniently forgetting that the Wii was dropped overnight, not when the Wii U launched, but a whole year before that, or even more. And that was a console that sold 100 million units.

You also forget that the Gamecube was completely dropped overnight as soon as the Wii released.

So, you can be sure as hell that the Wii U is going to be forgotten by Nintendo pretty damn quickly once the NX is out, because the Wii U hasn't sold very well for them, so they'll completely focus on their new console instead.

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Th3o1211d ago

Hey look it's the game that could clearly have 4 player split screen on every console except wii.u

I wasted 70$ on this thinking it might get it or will have it.

It's too bad because its funner than Advanced warfare (but still not better than Black ops imo).

If this ever gets a true split screen/splitscreen online like COD, it will be Shooter of the year imo. (Even 2 player only)

Gemmol1211d ago

You do know more updates coming, I am not saying that particular feature coming, but who knows

Th3o1211d ago

I'd rather pay for DLC and have split screen than get it free and never have split screen.

I got my Wii.U mostly for local gaming (like Super mario world, kart and smash) I want this to be one of them!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1211d ago

that your fault.
Splatoon was never made for local gaming.

N4g_null1210d ago

You do realize you can play against another player? One plays on the TV while the other on the game pad?

Th3o1210d ago

You do realize that it's only 1 mode...a boring and uninspired mode.

N4g_null1209d ago

You do know they can add it. LoL. It isn't boring... is it, we'll I only do it for pratice. I think I'm going to get another wiiu for the house though, since we can play squads.

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