When Publishers Make You Feel Like a Criminal

From Aeropause - "Sometimes, you have to wonder what a publisher is thinking sometime, as I now know what some people go through when it comes to copy protection."

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GodsHand3709d ago

It's ok, I stayed at an Holiday Inn Express.

AcidHorse3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I bought Guild Wars at Gamestop and it did not have the CD key. Luckily the guy I bought it from was cool enough not to give me the third-degree about it. Many people are just damaged goods, untrusting of any other human being, when they themselves are no better. Anyway, this 'missing CD key' situation is common, and I should know I've been playing PC games since 95.

On the topic of being treated like a criminal; my friend had bought a 360 at launch and since then had the RROD 4 times. During that trying time she was accused of lying about the problem, both by Microsoft techs (before, when MS denied the prob) and by Target- the store she purchased it from. The first time my friend had to return her 360 Target just exchanged the system with little fuss. Then the second time the 360 fail she took it back to Target and the cashier at the service desk asked my friend if she was trying to 'rip them off' and embarrassed her so much so he just left with the 360 in hand. The Microsoft reps were no different, they accused her of damaging it on purpose just to get a new system or attemting to mod her 360 (something she has no idea how to do). Really is pittiful how people treat each other, so many of us act like a bunch of abused animals.

kinggeoff3709d ago

"Sometimes, you have to wonder what a publisher is thinking sometime,"

= all credibility lost