Nintendo had its best fiscal Q1 since 2012 as it beats analyst expectations

With Splatoon propelling it, Nintendo did better than expected.

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R00bot1207d ago

Awesome, Splatoon is a great game. Well deserved. I'm going to keep coming back to Splatoon as well, with all the free content continuously coming out.

Gemmol1207d ago

Comment section won't have much comments, they were hoping negative news, they will just try again next week to see if any developers drop Nintendo support. Other then that, good job Nintendo. I kept saying for past weeks, since Nintendo do not lose profits no more, they could just ride it out GameCube style. If things work out they may be able to get more profits than the competitors like they did with the Gamecube. The only difference Gamecube never sold at a loss, so Nintendo would have to work hard to get Gamecube profits.

Angeljuice1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It's easy to make money when you produce "cheap" hardware that can be sold at a profit from day one.
Usually consoles are sold at a loss and any software sales have to first plug that gap.

Hopefully the NX will buck the trend as the only way I'd be interested was if it were insanely powerful (I only speak for myself of course).

Some say "Good job Nintendo", I say with the billions they have in the bank they should be investing heavily in new tech and pouring any profits into that.

The thing is, I really don't care about Nintendo nowadays, but I REALLY REALLY want Nintendo to MAKE me care.

With all their tallent and money they have the unique opportunity to make a system so mind-blowingly amazing it could sell Wii numbers without involving the casual market at all (just die hard gamers).

DougLord1207d ago Show
iplay1up21207d ago

They are profiting more from software sales. Hell Splatoon has sold 1.5 million. Common, that is an insane attach a rate for a game out for such a short time.

Nintendo has games I like to play period. There are more than enough games out I already own that has made Wii U well worth my purchase. New DLC for Smash is out today or tomorrow for Smash, I am loving that game and the DLC is free.

ABizzel11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

They're still doing horrible with the Wii U. Sales are up, but they only expect 3.5m units sold WW this year, that's AWFUL. Instead of doing "god awful", the Wii U is just doing "awful".

The 3DS refresh is what's carrying their hardware division, but thankfully for all 3 consoles, the huge profits don't come from hardware it comes from Software sales, and thankfully for Nintendo they have no problem selling their own software.

"If things work out they may be able to get more profits than the competitors like they did with the Gamecube."

This is a complete lie, that you've dug up from years ago. Nintendo earned more than Sony did during that gen, because they combined GameCube and GBA profits, not solely based on GameCube. The GameCube was a complete failure for Nintendo and was discounted from it's $199 launch price down to $99 and soon to $49 when the Wii came out (literally a $50 cut each year). How on earth do you think they made huge profits off the GC alone with a +20 million selling console that rollercoastered price wise vs. the PS2 which had over +150 consoles sold with tons of games and support, a much more reasonable price drop every 2 years.

At this point none of the consoles are being sold for a loss (XBO should be at cost right now), and unfortunately for Nintendo they're not racking in much 3rd party profits meanwhile Sony and MS do as well as subscription services. Profit wise PS4 should have a huge lead this gen, with Xbox and Nintendo being pretty neck and neck, with MS probably having the nod thanks to XBL and more 3rd party sales.

This is good news for Splatoon and Nintendo, showing that New IP is wanted from them, and it can be successful. But it changes nothing regarding the Wii U, and the real issue that Nintendo hardware is on the decline across the board in total sales generation after generation even excluding the 7th. 3DS is doing great, but it's on track to sell worse than the GBA, Wii U on track to do worse than the GC and seriously needs a price drop, because it grossly overpriced for the hardware.

NX and the 3DS successor have their work cut out for them. And this isn't being negative it's just the truthful situation that Nintendo is in, but you'll disagree regardless.

DougLord1207d ago

It's a business and they make $$. I would rather sell 10mm consoles and make $10 on each, then sell 20mm and loose $100 on each.

deafdani1207d ago

Actually, the Gamecube ended up being profitable to Nintendo thanks to its game sales, but you're right, they lost money with the hardware itself. In the end, though, they recouped the losses and came away with profit because of the games.


(I know it's a damn long article, just jump to the end of it, to the section that says "Was the Gamecube profitable? Yes and No."

ABizzel11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


And who's losing $100 on each console? The stupid analogy that has absolutely no relevance to the subject at hand is always a go to for the ignorant. Please do better.

The Wii U is overpriced PERIOD. The console is still selling for it's launch price, and it was overpriced back then.

You can build a better Wii U for $270 ($250 after rebates), which means Nintendo should easily be producing Wii U's for around $200 if not less.

I'd rather sell 20m consoles and make $7 each, than 10m and make $10 each. That's a much more realistic analogy, and with 20m console sold you're going to sell much more software as well which is where their profits come from as @deafdani posted below with the GameCube.

And I just saw your comment at the bottom and it confirms your ignorance. The PS4 has nothing to do with this yet you're quick to bring it up, but since you went there Sony has been selling the PS4 for a profit since May 2014, so that's 16m console sold at a profit since May 2014. MS are the only ones selling their console at cost.

Hurts your weak little heart doesn't it.


You should be punished for that long article XD

I can believe software sales helped keep the GC afloat, because Nintendo's first party games always sell. And everything I said is reiterated in that article. Thank you for posting it, and backing up all my statements with quotes from Nintendo.

As much as these fanboys want to label anyone who doesn't flatout accept everything Nintendo post as gospel, I actually want to see Nintendo do better and compete, and as I've proved once before I have a Wii U and several games on it, yet none of these so called fans have ever attempted to do the same.

I want all 3 to do the best they can, make profits, and compete, and unfortunately Nintendo is vastly behind in everything except for 1st party games.

Gemmol1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

only systems they made where they sold it for a loss was the 3ds and Wii U.

The other thing you forget, Nintendo only makes 1 or 2 big budget games, Zelda, and Smash.

Every other game cost way less

Point I'm making, they only need to sell a very small amount of games to break even, while Sony who pour a lot of money into their games, need at least 2 to 3 million of sales to make profit.

This why the Ceo of Sony said only 3 or 4 out of 10 sony 1st party games make money. Nintendo do not have that problem, all they do is collect profits.

ABizzel11206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


The reason Nintendo games are cheaper to make is because the majority of them don't use high end tech, they focus on art style, shaders, and simple geometry for their games, where as Sony, MS, and PC devs push tech to the limits with lighting, textures, polygons, LoD, etc...

Another reason is because many of their games follow the same template, and rinse and repeat. Specifically the 2D platformers which are all literally the same template with a different character, artstyle, and niche gameplay mechanic, making them cheaper games to make financially and much easier to produce.

Personally I like games that take a chance and offer an experience I've yet to play on console as well as fan fave franchises, rather than consistent release of the games I've played for decades and maybe a couple of new spin-offs.

Business wise Nintendo's approach makes more sense, consumer wise Sony's choice makes more sense. In the end consumers make business profitable for the company and it goes to show who's approach has paid off over the years with EVERY PS console selling extremely well even their worst selling the PS3 which is on it's way to 90m. Nintendo can't say the same, and the simple truth once again is that software sales and services is where these consoles make most of their money and the more hardware sells you have the more software you can sell to an audience as well as services. Nintendo has no service to sell to gamers (Amiibo I guess), so they solely rely on software, well for every 1 Wii U owner there's 2.5 PS4 owners and that number is growing, so the loss Sony might have taken on a niche experimental game is more easily made up and the risk can be taken.

And as gamers all of us should be supporting that practice of making new IP's consistently each generation so gaming evolves, and not simply buying the same 3 - 5 franchises with annual releases and calling it a gen.

I don't see where you were going with this since I already said software sells is what makes these companies the most money, and said Nintendo is generally fine in that category, so could you tell me what this has to do with Nintendo's hardware sales declining with each console / handheld release (once again excluding last gen which was a huge boost for them, but also set up and impossible follow up generation).

NES > SNES > N64 > GC > which is currently doing better than Wii U
GB > GBA > which the 3DS is currently on track to sell worse than

Nintendo has a hardware problem on their hands that they need to fix, because their console business is in real trouble if they don't, meanwhile they have a few more handhelds in them if they don't evolve that business as well, because mobile is taking over the child gamer market that Nintendo once ruled.

That was my point, and I'm looking for recommendations and response on how Nintendo solves that problem, because software isn't going to do anything, but slow the burn. As I said they only plan on selling 3.5m Wii U this year, which is a horrible number, and it could have been helped with a price drop that's been lover over due, but at this point I don't think that's even going to help, yet fanboys above like DougLord are happy Nintendo is making a near $70 profit off of fans for each Wii U sold ($70 on 1 game bundles).

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instantstupor1207d ago

Speaking of Splatoon, I am a largely single-player-game focused gamer. Shooters on the whole only interest me if they have a decent campaign as I don't care to go online unless it is co-op (fat load of good my PS Plus membership is doing for me there lol). But my question to Splatoon owners is - is the game worth owning if you only play offline?

I like my Wii U plenty, and if I can have another game to fit into my exclusives library to help add to its value, then all the better.

JLynn9431207d ago

I enjoy the campaign, but I might wait until it's on sale rather than spend $60 if you're dead set against the online component.

I'm not one for playing shooters online much either (or offline for that matter), but I do have to say that the online component for Splatoon is totally different and worth at least trying. It's really great imo.

Gemmol1206d ago

Jump on, you will love the game, everyone I know who tried it came away impressed

CAB18021207d ago

Man, I remember when the Wii U sold 160K at Q1 2013 or something like that. That was terrible

iliimaster1207d ago

Splatoon is perfect and the new free maps and weapons the game keeps getting better

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