Can Rocket League Continue to Thrive Into the Fall and Beyond?

"If there's been one winner in gaming this summer, it's been Rocket League. Psyonix's "SocCar" racing/soccer hybrid has ridden an empty release window, wide availability, and positive press to become the surprise hit of the summer. The question now is whether it has legitimate staying power, or if it's a fad that will fade as meatier games start dropping in August."

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BlackPanther1210d ago

Probably not. Too many great games coming out. Of course some people will still play and it will have a community but no game is as big as when it comes out initially.

Rimeskeem1210d ago

Rocket League definitely helped with any kind of drought they may have occurred during mid summer

nowitzki20041209d ago

I agree. I love Rocket League, but am already starting to get bored of it.

FunAndGun1209d ago

Then you don't love it. ^_^

nowitzki20041209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


Actually I have like 700 goals scored and a ton of games played in just under a month. But its just not as fun as it was the first couple weeks.

FunAndGun1209d ago

I'm really just messin with you.

I still play it daily and think of it while not playing it.

Summons751209d ago

It's probably already developed a healthy community, so yes. There isn't a game coming out like it and in terms of sports games, this is the first good one. Personally I can easily go back to it. It's quick like Splatoon where I can turn it on and do a quick match then go. That's whats going to keep it going and I'm guessing they already have new content in development which will help keep the pulse going.

spacedelete1209d ago

i can see this game being played for a while. the game regularly has around 90,000 people playing at a time and even games like COD and BF struggle to even get half that after their peak.

Pillsbury11209d ago

I would love a multiplayer death match DLC. It already has sweet tooth!

Manubiggs1209d ago

I think I will still be playing. It is the most fun I have had with friends this year. And I don't see it stopping

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