Top Ten Games With A Zen State Of Mind

ASidCast: "Ever had one of those days where you woke up in the morning and just knew this was going to be a shitty day? It's not as if anything expressly warned you of the same. You simply knew. You get out of bed and drag yourself to the bathroom and slip on a puddle. That one guy who can't stop talking about his new car won't shut up. You managed to screw up while boiling water. There's a first degree burn on your left thumb because your lighter was on too long. To top everything off, you realise that everyone at the coffee shop can see your boner and you sent that last sext to your mom.

Ever had one of those days? Well, look no further, because here's a list of games that'll get you back into the groove of things when the world is a giant clusterfuck and you just wanna kick back and feel your inner chakra pulse it out."

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MeteorPanda967d ago

odd but l found don't starve pretty zen like. making a living in a harsh enviroment is oddly relaxing once you get a rhythm and a to do list each day