New Titanfall Online Game in Development as Electronic Art and Nexon Announce Partnership

Today Electronic Arts and Nexon announced with a press release that they are partnering for the creation of a new Titanfall title specifically geared to the online market for PC.

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Xbonewone320151211d ago

Titanfall still remains the best multiplayer online gameplay fps this new gen.

The community is still thriving with masses of players on xb1, particularly since the whole game and season pass is free with ea access now.

None of the cods match it for gameplay, only bf4 comes close or equal.

A sequel is a smart move.

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Crimzon1211d ago

I hope that whatever this new Titanfall game is comes to Steam rather than being relegated to EA's Origin service on PC. I love the game but being on Origin obviously hurt it a lot since people really dislike the service. I wish EA would just put their games on Steam again, the playerbase would not doubt balloon from the jump as well and those of us who only use Origin for Titanfall could finally ditch it.

ScorpiusX1211d ago

You do realize no money for steam means more money for EA . Beside what wants to share profit no matter the size.

Septic1211d ago

I've been playing Titanfall a lot recently. Wicked game and really puts many other FPS' this gen to shame. A lot of potential for even more greatness with Titanfall 2

qu1ckset1211d ago

Lol reporting for trolling? Your trolling , game had cool ideas but turned out to be a big flop, tons of people bought it , and stopped playing it within the first month I have it for both PC and XB1. I usually play it once in a bluemoon and then remember why I dislike it!

No Story, Stupid meaningless Grunts, Stupid OP smart pistol..

Graphics are decent controls and movements are amazing but the game fell short, hoping a sequal will fix its flaws. But to say the game is the best online multiplayer of this new gen is a load of crap!

Xbonewone320151211d ago

The numbers playing titanfall last night prove you very wrong.

Heres a tip -

Rely on facts instead of fan based 'theories'.

objdadon1211d ago

Lmao!! Are you serious???

spicelicka1211d ago

I have to agree, so far it's the best multiplayer, when halo 5 comes it'll be a different story. But regardless of popularity, titanfall was brilliant.

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wakeNbake1211d ago

It had fantastic gameplay and maps but it needs titan bodyshop, way more weapons,customization/camos, and they should tone down the AI count.

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StockpileTom1211d ago

EA and Nexon... what sort of unholy partnership is this!?

spicelicka1211d ago

Why not just focus on Titanfall 2, this seems unnecessary.