FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD - Framerate Will Not Be Unlocked, Most Probably Locked At 30FPS

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD will be released on the PC on August 18th, and like many of you, we’ve been wondering whether the PC version would feature an unlocked framerate. After all, this is a must for pretty much every PC game, right? Well, unfortunately the game will come with a locked framerate.

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Eonjay1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Hmm... but the console framerate is already 60FPS so I doubt that the PC would be locked at 30.

Edit: Nevermind it is 30 on consoles. Hmm.

john21207d ago

Nope, the current-gen console version is also locked at 30fps

Eonjay1207d ago

Yeah, I was wrong about that. Seems really unfortunate.

DevilOgreFish1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Really? I'm sure the current gen could have done this at 60fps. It's probably because the game's animation and audio synced at 30fps. The game could have been re-synced for 60 fps but that would have been extra time and money digging into the code.

so it looks to be a straight forward port for PC with some enhancements in other directions.

decrypt1207d ago

Id give it a day or two tops before some of the modders unlock the PC version.

Zero1091207d ago

Another trash PC port. The PC ports these pass 2 yrs have been an embarrassment to the gaming community and consumers.

vanity291207d ago

Beg then complain. The pc master race in a nutshell

DonkeyDoner1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

that's what i'm talking about all those pc gamer begging for port and if port is crap they complain, and they'll answer "hey as a customer we deserve what we want!!"

Sopota1207d ago

Wanting some respect as a paying customer is a bad thing?

ShottyGibs1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Not their fault this gen consoles set the bar so low they can't muster up good framerates
30fps is hideous. But go on.. Tell me how cinematic it is.

vanity291207d ago

30 fps is not hideous but i do believe 60 fps is a great thing. How can people complain about a stable 30? Did you all gain extra vision along with your 1000 $ pcs?

You know what's hideous? The fact that square is trying out the pc market and is getting shit reception. Thats the kind of shit that would make me not want to develop for pc.

Seafort1207d ago

@vanity29 and kudostoyou

Who the hell begged for this? I certainly didn't.

Not my fault you console gamers have no standards and will buy anything developers throw at you no matter the quality or price.

I wish more people would complain maybe then standards would be raised and we wouldn't get DLC'd to death.

But you prefer to bent over and take it time and time again.

At least us PC gamers fight for quality products instead of being walked over by the games industry like you console gamers. Grow a pair!

vanity291207d ago

@Seafort Hah everyone complains about dlc. Yet everyone still buys season passes and shit. Including pc gamers.

Pc gamers have begged for jrpgs for years. Now that they get more support they go and bash them for being poor ports when in reality the games work just fine. Its a jrpg, it doesnt need to be 60 fps ultra settings, just to cater to your hope to get the most out of your over priced pc.

And JRPGS and dlc usually dont go hand in hand. Its not like bullshit western games. Most of the dlc is usually cosmetic shit.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1207d ago

God forbid someone actually has standards right?

Zero1091207d ago

I never begged for it so that's not true. Second, I should be fine with them not including basic PC enhancements to their port? Let's not forget Capcom and the RE5 split screen debacle but I guess I'm just whining and not making a legit criticism.

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decrypt1207d ago

Many games have come with the 30fps cap only to be modded very soon. I dont think this will be an issue either.

DonkeyDoner1207d ago

i still cant make ff13-2 stable 60fps with i5 4670k and r9 290

Zero1091207d ago

Not all games get that modded out (look at Toukiden). That's not even the point, the people making the game should be doing it, not their fans (or anyone else). Remember when RE5 had the split screen removed but modders but it back in, less than 24hrs. We shouldn't have been the ones to do that.

Note: And people say PC gamers don't care about split screen.

spacedelete1207d ago

you PC owners are too cheap to actually buy your games so you get what you deserve as your all pirates or cheapskates waiting for Steam sales.

DarkBlood1207d ago

Nothing wrong with sales that allows us to buy more games

Seafort1207d ago

I'd rather buy directly from the developer than buy 2nd hand copies like console gamers do.

One supports the developer the other one doesn't :)

You keep saying PC gamers are pirates but developers and publishers are supporting the PC platform more and more these days. I guess we do buy a lot of games to warrant such support from the publishers.

PC platform is getting console exclusive games from both sides like SF5 and No Man's Sky. I don't see the consoles doing that.

Maybe you should come up with another excuse other than piracy for once. It's getting old.

Btw I have 980 games on steam and probably a 100 more on Uplay, GoG and Origin. I also have Fallout 4 and Battlefront preordered. I didn't pay full price for them as that would be stupid but I did pay what I think they are worth.

Volkama1207d ago

Waving his £350 receipt for a Playstation 4 around, calling people with high end PCs cheapskates. Good one.

bluebenjamin1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Ps4 Is already holding the PC back but why?Because Sony cheaped out for this gen.Gen 8 console generation may be the worst console generation in the history of gaming.Its like gen 7 reskinned in 1080P struggling to hit 60fps. That there is sad as hell,but we're cheap tho, because we invested in a superior platform instead of buying those cheap ps3.5 and 360.5 lol yeah right gtfo

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Hasswell-NeverCold1207d ago


Also, where is lightning returns..

Anyway, I will most likely get it at some point. At least it isn't a 59,99 game.

Volkama1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Lightning Returns is still coming. There was a dev update on Steam that said August (I think).

Still can't play XIII-2 in 7.1 surround though, so I wouldn't say SE take those releases overly seriously. Good thing they're released at a budget price I guess.

Hasswell-NeverCold1207d ago

Yeah, those aren't really the greatest ports but I didn't have any crashing problems, just some stuttering in some places. Those were playable and I had some good times with them.

And does any publisher take many releases seriously? Remasters after another for couple years of old games and those are barely better than the originals and new releases which are basically broken at start. Apart from that, I'm pretty happy that there is quite many console games getting PC release.

There has been too few jrpgs on PC before.

And I liked those in my PS2 years. =)

TheColbertinator1207d ago

Its amusing because its actually a PSP port. Graphics on HD consoles weren't up to par either

Imalwaysright1207d ago

It won't take long for the modding comunity to unlock it.

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