Rare Replay: Some Games Have Been Tweaked, 700 Hours of Gameplay and More

Rare has revealed some rather interesting tidbits about the games in the upcoming Rare Replay compilation.

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Rimeskeem1235d ago

30$ couldnt be spent better

4Sh0w1234d ago

Yep Microsoft are pouring on the fan service. I"m not that big on nostalgia but at $30 for 30 games its really hard to pass on such a great value, plus my daughter has never played any of these games.

LCEvans1234d ago

Lets be honest 1000 games all of which are shit

_-EDMIX-_1234d ago

@LCEvans- LMFAO!

The challenge is finding a good game, that is the real game.

Angerfist1234d ago

Lol a game within a Game 😆😆😆😆

Chrisgamerguy1234d ago

yeah one of the developers from rare said he wanted it to be a must buy so they decided on $30

mkis0071234d ago

Banjooooo I cant wait!!

RiPPn1234d ago

Only $5 with Golden Crisp microsoft store coupon and xbox live rewards promotion.. now that is a steal!

spicelicka1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

This is how remasters/remakes should be done and priced. I'm surprised how MS has set the standard for them now with Masterchief collection, Gears of war Ultimate, and Rare Replay.

Gears Ultimate is the only one i wish was $30, but considering the whole graphics and multiplayer were redone, not just upscaled, it's still a good deal.

NeoGamer2321234d ago

Rare Replay is not remastered. It is a simple game collection. Although some games were tweaked, there are no significant graphical or game play changes.

Gears is a semester.

spicelicka1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I should've been more clear but I said remaster/remake, in which I was referring to all remasters, remakes, collections, re-releases, whatever you want to call them.

NeoGamer2321234d ago

I just have seen a lot of people not differentiate remaster/remake/port lately.

Thrace replay collection is a simply collection of ported games.

Not trying to take a shot over your bow... just want people to call it what it is, and not something it isn't. They neither remastered nor remade any of the games. They simply ported them into a collection. (and added achievements!)