Iwata: I worried about being fired

CVG writes: "Satoru Iwata has said he was unsure whether he'd be fired before Nintendo's campaign to expand the gaming market was successful.

"In my first year as president my ideas met scepticism, also within the company," he said to German website Spiegel online.

"I was lucky that it worked so quickly. For a long time it wasn't certain what would happen first: That we'd have success with the new console, or that I was fired."

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BananaSlug3642d ago

Is right before Iwata came out with the idea of selling old games to consumers??

Bnet3433642d ago

I worried? Sounds like Yoda .... lol cheap ass in SCIV ....

7h3ultim8p003641d ago

Worried here is being used as a verb, as in "I worried about her" or "I will worry about that later" or "Don't worry me"

What you are thinking about is the adjective form, as in "I was worried about her" or "I will be worried if you get home late" or "Don't be worried about me"

I was worried about being fired = I worried about being fired. There's nothing wrong with the title.

hano3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I'm so tired of the Nintendo's latest Story and Iwata's little tale.
They seem to be lost in their little mushroom island, they're like hippies.

It was refereshing hearing the story of how Nintendo took a chance this generation against all odds and naysayers, but now we're all tired of this story. It's all about the games, and Nintendo is busy talking about their genius and how they brought gamers together while in reality they have become big fat lazy cats from all the money.

mistertwoturbo3642d ago

Yup. And WiiMusic is proof of that. Instead of coming out with new stuff, they come out with WiiMusic. A sad piece of work that's only out for ignorant consumers money.

N4g_null3642d ago

Nope we are not tired of this. If they where hippies then sony or MS would have copied them. Yet it's not that easy. Being a hippie or some shallow as your stereo types would be easy. SONY and MS still having a hard time getting the casual and not all hardcore believe in SONY or MS. Actually many are not really liking what is coming out 1st party or 3rd party on the HD systems. Yet if you already have these system then I can understand your excitement. I was excited for crysis when I got my new PC built.

Fanboys are like a bubble. They keep a system hyped up for a while. Yet if nothing comes out then that bubble pops. Place like this spend more time fighting than talking good news any way. Plus news like this is not for the avg gamer any way. The HD guys are only catering to a few types of hardcore players right now. They have not brought in the other hardcore gamers yet. The games just are not there.

Full 2d games on disk like shotemups, beatemups, cool hardcore puzzel games and every thing else that is arcade like. This is what set console apart from PC back in the day.

If SONY and MS don't start putting these type of games out in volume then lots of people will be getting a Wii in the end simply because it's game line up is different from their PC.

I've seen most of SONY's 1st and second party list and it looks like more of the same. MS has not put out a lot of their games yet I expect more of the same. This is not impressing a lot of people. The hardcore market is shrinking according to these two systems or either the hardcore as a whole just don't believe in those systems.

If you look at what nintendo is trying to do you;ll see that it's really the arcade market that they are bring to gaming once more. It has a happy casual face on it but the every one gaming model is very close to the public arcade model. Hardcore have a tendency to abandon things though. Many people will be leaving gaming all together this gen. Maybe that's a good thing? The industry is also growing. There will not be many 10 year olds with HD systems due to price do you not see that as a problem? The hardcore group has to keep growing because people will leave.

Leathersoup3642d ago

The Wii has a line of games "different" than my PC?

I was at EB Games the other day and I saw like 15 games out for the Wii that were basically flash games that I have played on my PC... for free... in a web browser, and I didn't have to pay 20-40 dollars for either.

N4g_null3641d ago

Your reply is below.

or you can click here

SolidSnake933641d ago

Good point, I don't want Wii Music I want Kid Icurus, Yoshi's Island, and a new Zelda game.

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solidsnakus3642d ago

ken kutaragi also worried about being fired when he made the ps3. dang..

mistertwoturbo3642d ago

the difference is one came out with a future proof hardware, and the other came out with a gamecube with motion controls.

Fox013642d ago

A white Gamecube that's cheaper to produce but yet more expensive than the Gamecube.

I remember back then, the cube was bundled with a game like MarioKart for less than 90 euros.

N4g_null3642d ago

@mistertwoturbo the PS3 is already not furture proof.

"A quick look at the Client Stats page shows that there are, at the time of this writing, about 7600 active GPUs running the FAH app, generating around 840 teraflops of computational power (it's not a theoretical peak number, it's real work running the FAH computations). That's somewhere around 110 gigaflops per GPU, on average. To put that in perspective, the regular windows CPU client is about one gigaflop per client (it's a mix of the single-threaded client and the multi-core SMP version). The PS3 looks like it leads the pack with a total of 1,358 teraflops, but that's from over 48,000 active PS3s. Each PS3 is actually delivering about 28 gigaflops apiece. In other words, the average GPU client is four times faster than a PS3. That includes relatively older and low-end graphics cards, too. Newer cards are likely six to eight times faster."

-Beyond Graphics

This is just the GPU along which already leaving the PS3 behind. ATIs next card will have 800 cell like processors in it. That's a lot more than 7 spu in a cell. Currently the High end 8800 GTXs that use to cost $600 are going for $200 due to ATI's new cards.

There is no way in hell the PS3 is going to stop a 8800 powered xbox next gen, and even worst the new stuff may become cheap enough to be put into a console by the time they launch.

Ken quit because he knew he was beaten. The cell was all talk and no real execution. There where suppose to be multiple cells instead of a RSX but IBM nor SONY can compete with Nvidia or ATI when it comes to power. The RSX in the PS3 may just get cracked in the next few month since the cards that are capable of crunching the numbers to do it are coming out like now. If you don't understand the real code cracking is done with GPUs not CPU these days. First report was from russia.

The future proofing of the PS3 is a bad joke it is having a hard time duplicating what the xbox 360 can do at an even higher price. This is why every one wants a game made only for the PS3. In away it's like saying you want the game gimped so it runs on the cell. It would be like making an snes game then porting it to the arcade with the same level of graphics. To many PS3 owners the PS3 is good enough. That's cool the same goes with Wii owners and also the PS2.

The Wii was made to hit a classic price point and it did. Nintendo also did not pull in as much money as they would have liked last gen so the trade off is a console that is an upgrade with money going into evolving it rather than trying to spec it up to max when it will not be future proof. Motion controls and fun games are future proof yet graphics will never really be future proof on their own unless style was the focus of those graphics. Any thing relying too much on realism will age terribly.

The problem is no one was truly the devote fanboy they made them selves out to be. The PS2 owners are not buying up the PS3 in droves. They are avg a little better than the xbox 360 right now. The casuals are easy and hard to please at the same time. Nintendo has them lock up. No casual game is going to reach nintendo's casual game numbers. Devs only chance is to get the hardcore going just like all the systems before.

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