Are Gaming Accessories Important? VR, Fight Sticks and Gaming Headsets

With the number of options available to gamers when it comes to gaming peripherals growing year by year, the Daily Reaction crew is asking the question, are accessories worth it? Will simply adding on more and more high end plastic optionals improve our ability to be integrated into virtual worlds or are they just a marketing tool to get consumers to pay top dollar for things they don’t need?

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Wedge191211d ago

I think they are as important as any gamer makes them to their own experience. In some cases, they are essential. In others, they are dead weight.

NobodyEpic1211d ago ShowReplies(1)
n4rc1211d ago

well.. i have my media remote and a turtle beach 500x for my x1..

very important.. wont bother with VR or fight sticks etc but will get that new elite controller

do i need any of them? nope.. maybe the headset but even then, kinect does chat very well... but they make the experience much better

nowitzki20041211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I love gaming accessories. My son is getting into gaming and he actually stays on the road using the DS4 in racing games even though hes only 3, but with a Racing wheel he can actually drive the cars like he does his jeep in the backyard. So thats next on ym list of must get accessories. Cant wait for Morpheus and Oculus.