Microsoft Knows You’re Going to Steal its Xbox One Glasses

Can’t say that Microsoft doesn’t have a sense of humor. If you want to have a good laugh, check out the glasses Microsoft brought at an Xbox One event.

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Death1209d ago

I want one with a cold Guiness Blonde. I'd settle for two of those three things in any combination.

kneon1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Guinness Blonde?? You heathen, Guinness should only come in one color and blonde isn't it :)

Death1209d ago

Both are good, but Blonde is newer. Sometimes change is good. ;)

Immorals1209d ago

Guinness make the most popular and arguably best stout out there.

Beer is my trade, and I think going blonde is just wrong. At least sell it under another brand!

Lukejrl1209d ago

I'll take a Blond that drinks Guiness too.

Pogmathoin1209d ago

Like vanilla cola and so on, never mess with something simple yet effective....Guinness is Guinness.... No need to change a winning formula....

ChrisW1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Guinness Blonde is an American Pale Lager that is more like an IPA than a pale lager. It's marginally okay... It's mostly for those who either don't know their beers or don't care. If you want something else that is decent from Guinness, just drink Harp and avoid their "new brews".

IMO, they're trying to entice the PBR, High Life, Buttwiper, and Natty Ice crowd.

Pogmathoin1209d ago

I'm Irish and hate Harp!! People who like beers should try as many brands as possible, especially the micro brewers..... some smooth crisp beers to be discovered.... I tried Bud Light Platinum too.... very smooth beer... easy on stomach...

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DERKADER1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Lets see how badly people will misconstrue what is just a harmless joke.

DERKADER1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I'll go first,

Microsoft thinks we're all poor thieves who will steal anything with a brand logo on it that isn't nailed down!

TheCommentator1209d ago

Seems like they're asking people to take them. I'd take one only BECAUSE it says that!

DERKADER1209d ago


That's the joke. They want you to take it.

No Way1209d ago

How can you NOT take one after this - and it says that.

CantBeStopped1209d ago

I was going to say its no surprise that a company that consistently rips off its fan base would openly condone theft. jk, so dont get your panties in a bunch.

Neonridr1209d ago

@CantBeStopped - you were going to say or you already did?

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Abriael1209d ago

I actually thought it was a great joke.

And by experience, I can tell you that glass stealing at press events is VERY real :D

Septic1209d ago

Mate people steal anything at press events. I had to hold on to my mucus ridden tissues at some of them in case someone stole them.

Anorexorcist1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

What's really funny, in an ironic sort of way, is that it's really the Xbox fanboys like you that have some ridiculous persecution complex that take the humor out of things like this.

DERKADER1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I'm sorry my assumption that people would misconstrue a joke would affect how you perceived it. I'm a PC elitist by the way.

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WeAreLegion1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Lol. That's awesome. I got an Xbox One controller stand that says "I stole this from a booth at E3".

And Greenburg's response is beautiful.

XanderZane1209d ago

Yeah, that's great. I love Greenburg's response. I would definitely take one. You know people will be selling those on EBay, the first chance they get. I hope there was a decent beer in it before the picture was taken.

Kryptonite42O1209d ago

HA! I want one...
Only I don't go to events... And it wouldn't be the same if you bought it... :(
Way to keep a sense of humor when you know people are going to steal them though. Well played MS lol.

TheOnlyMastrx1209d ago

I wish I could attend an event to steal a glass, looks nice!

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