Unlocked: What's the Best Xbox One Bundle This Fall?

"The Unlocked crew discusses the merits of the Madden, Halo, and Gears of War bundles."

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crazychris41241207d ago

The blue Forza 6 special edition

Yi-Long1207d ago

I hope they'll release a nice bundle with an extra controller plus 1-2 extra exclusives (Ori, Sunset Horizon, Horizon 2), for 300-350 euro or something.

XanderZane1207d ago

Yes, that one and the GoW UE and Halo 5 bundles are going to be pretty big this year. I wish I had some spare funds to get another one. I would love to see another 1TB white XB1 bundle though.

christocolus1207d ago

There'll be many awesome bundles this fall and i think the best bundle is yet to be announced. Maybe we'll see Halo 5 and TR bundles or Fallout 4 and Forza 6 or even Rare Reply, Ori and Gears of War Ultimate Bundle but for now, i think the Madden NFL bundle sounds great especially if you're a fan of EA games.

Rimeskeem1207d ago

I'm sort of pissed i didnt wait longer on the xbox one. There are so many great deals i could have snatched if i waited literally a month later. Oh well, MCC, and 20$ of live isnt too bad in my books.

BlackPanther1207d ago

The Forza one so far looks very good and they will no doubt have an Xbox One Halo 5 edition one which will sell like crazy.

I've been stating this bundle for a long time and I still think it is a thing. A 1TB Xbox Console with Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider for $400. This has been my prediction for a while and I'm sticking to it.

NeverHeavyMan1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Just give me a Halo 5 bundle. All I'll need!

Edit: A Tomb Raider bundle would go over nicely, too, but considering the release date, I'm more doubtful for that.

andibandit1207d ago

Halo MCC + Halo 5 bundle, would be perfect for me.

andibandit1207d ago

I can recommend the "Hatoful Boyfriend(aka Pigeon Dating Simulator) Bundle".

KiwiViper851207d ago

Maybe if it was coming out this fall...