Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Introduces the Kanai Cube

The new update for Diablo 3 brings us the Kanai Cube!

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Crimzon1209d ago

It's awesome that they honored one of their coworkers who passed away with this stuff, it's really touching what they said about his armor.

It's also awesome how many great and free updates Diablo 3 has received, and how the game continues to evolve over time. Great example of post launch support that doesn't cost players anything. I do hope they do another paid expansion though because Reaper of Souls was great and this is the kind of game that you can keep coming back to for years.

STK0261209d ago

Despite all the flak Blizzard had their way over the last few years, one thing we can't complain about is post-launch support. They've always made sure to support their games for quite a while.

Genova841209d ago

I've played diablo 3 more than any other game since 2007. I put 500ish hours into fight night round 3 senior year of college. I think my total hours for d3 is around 200. Next closet game is witcher 3 at 85.

MysticStrummer1209d ago

Pretty much what I was going to say. I don't know the exact number of hours but I was playing earlier and thought about the fact that this game has gotten more of my time than any other in the last few years. I played through the original version on PS3, got Reaper of Souls on PS3, and then got RoS again on PS4. Still great fun.

Crimzon1209d ago

Fight Night 3 was a great game, I used to love playing it with friends and have a lot of fond memories. Can't remember why I never picked up the fourth game but it's a shame that franchise died. Same goes for most EA stuff really, all the good franchises are left to die while the worst ones continue to be pushed hard.

I'd trade Battlefield and Need For Speed for Burnout, Dead Space, SSX, Fight Night any day of the week.

Genova841209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Hit the nail on the head! Burnout paradise wasn't really a burnout game. I love the first 4 though. Takedown and Revenge especially.

I bought fight night 4 but found it too fast paced. So I skipped fight night champion. I heard fight night champion 2 is coming late 2016 early 2017, but we'll see.

Dead space 2 and 3 are in my extensive backlog. I loved 1 though. Need to make time for them.

brokenbracket1208d ago

Check out if you have a PC and wanna get both of the first 2 Dead Space games for super cheap. Think it's like 3 bucks for both of them. Origin key obviously, so you'd just take the key over to Origin and redeem it. Super legit, got Dirt3, all three Dead Space games, and the Mass Effect trilogy myself on there.

BoNeSaW231209d ago

Wow! How freakin' awesome is that of Blizzard to honor a co-worker and friend by naming and putting him in his own game! I love Blizzard even more by this honorable gesture!

Sly-Lupin1208d ago

Anyone know if Blizzard has fixed the cutscene issue for the PS4 port yet?