Hexus Previews: Resistance 2

Set in an alternate reality - 1953

Picking up immediately where Resistance: Fall of Man concluded, Resistance 2 follows. Nathan Hale as he finds himself once more in a world transformed by war and invasion.

Undaunted by their defeat in London, the Chimera have continued to advance, now poised to attack the United States. Entire cities have been leveled and communities annihilated. In this war where the odds are so heavily stacked against the human race, few are left who are willing and able to fight.

Fortunately, Hale is not alone. A group of super soldiers simply known as the Sentinels will fight alongside Hale as they collectively attempt to thwart the inevitable.

Featuring 8-player online co-op, and up to 60 players online, mankind is on the brink of annihilation as they resume the fight against the unstoppable Chimera on the shores of the alternate reality of the United States.

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reviews well this game is looking great but is going to me amazing