Street Fighter V Beta Impressions – First Round Loss | The Koalition

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"I’m just going to come out and say it: the Street Fighter V beta was an unmitigated failure, so much so that Capcom has postponed it prematurely. Many (myself included) looked forward to it since it was announced and some even went as far as buying a PlayStation 4 in order to play it. However, for whatever reason, Capcom was unable to ensure that those who wanted to play the beta could; with most people completely not even even being to participate at all.

I was one of the few who was actually able to play, even though my total play time was less than an hour across two game sessions. That isn’t nearly as much time as I had wanted to play, especially for the purposes of this write-up, but it was enough for me to give you guys at least a basic understanding of what the game is trying to achieve."

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Venomousfatman1212d ago

Playing it at E3 was cool. I kept hearing a lot about connection issues for the beta. Hopefully they have another one soon so I can see it online first hand.

Romudeth1212d ago

Yeah. Capcom says they plan to have at least 5 more betas so hopefully they'll iron shit out by then.

Majin-vegeta1211d ago

Woah woah 5??You got a link.I only heard of 3.

Baka-akaB1211d ago

They only mentioned 3 , and plans will obviously have to change anyway

SwiffEpics1212d ago

Too bad Capcom are having all these issues. The game looks like it has potential.

xtheownerzx1212d ago

I had a friend trying to play the game on saturday. He was only able to do training. The matches would stay stable enough. it was really sad to this beta be as bad as it was.

Masterofwiiu3ds1211d ago

Honestly, I don't care about the beta issues. I'd rather hear about the feel, timing, engine, etc. Moaning about something bad that happened is useless.

Smokingunz1211d ago

Well that's psn for ya,PlayStation online always sucked so im not surprised.