Project Spark boasts 3 million installs since launch

Since its launch last October, Project Spark has gradually—and quietly—grown into a sizable community of would-be game designers and creative gamers.

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christocolus1211d ago

Good to know. Team Dakota did a great job with PS..

4Sh0w1211d ago

Yeah good for them, Project Spark is really and under appreciated game/game creation tool.

gangsta_red1211d ago

Good job, these guys should really showcase some of the work people have done with Spark.

Eldyraen1210d ago

If you follow them on Facebook they showcase some of the more interesting ones now and again.

Their in game showcase (featured games) could be a little better though and it wouldn't hurt to have a better way to search for games you might like or others have enjoyed. Top rated searches are not perfect and neither is tag searching. A dedicated Community tab (as this is a game that relies heavily on its community) would be welcome as to find a lot of gems (if you don't visit daily) you need to visit their website or even third party sites or you'll miss out on some of the better games hidden among a ton of work in progress titles, unfinished projects, and other games you don't really care for.

gangsta_red1210d ago

I agree, I remember I was trying to navigate through their menus and highlighted games and it was a pain. An easier UI layout from these guys would be welcomed.

GutZ311211d ago

3 million would be quite a lot for a priced game.
This is free, with microtransactions.

To put into context though, it is doing better than the first little big planet at least, which sold around 300,000 in its first year(wiki numbers), and was $60.

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TwoForce1211d ago

Well, I'm impressed to be honest.

terminallyCapricious1210d ago

I loved this game. I had most of the expansions. Only reason I stopped playing was the fact that I dont know jack about "kode". If I could, I would be making stories and game types and stuff. But coding a game is out of my reach. and the tutorials dont help much. Was a fun game while it lasted.

Eldyraen1210d ago

Trying to get some things just how you want it is a pain and sometimes you just have to go with something else as it is a versatile system but not open to every need or want.

I just enjoy playing around making things now and again even if I never go anywhere with them. I've yet to share a single project, scrapped tons I've spent hours and hours on, but in the end still find it one of the cooler toys this generation.

terminallyCapricious1210d ago

Yeah. I love to make maps and all that but I would love to go further and make a story or gamemode. I hope they bring in some sort of tutorial system for the more basic kode(like basic objectives, weapon shops, enemy spawns, cutscenes, etc.) It would definitely help. and would be like beginners training wheels.

DevilOgreFish1210d ago

Spark can be complex, but it's part of gaming design. If you want a game to be the way you want it to, you gotta get deep. It's the same with UE4 and Unity5.

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The story is too old to be commented.