Naughty Dog Shows Appreciation for a Fan

From OP;

"My father passed away 4 months ago. Growing up we would play Crash Team Racing together for years every night. When his health declined him and I would take turns playing The Last of Us. After he passed I wrote Naughty Dog a letter thanking them for their games. They send me this 3 months later..."

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SmokingMonkey1208d ago

"Thank you so much for writing to us and sharing your story. I can't begin to tell you how much it touched our hearts here at Naughty Dog. And knowing how involved our games were with you and your father is amazing to hear.
Stories like yours are the reason why we work so hard to make great games, and reading that The Last of Us changed your life is inspiring. When I read that you felt you were with your father again while playing it, it nearly drove me to tears. I can't imagine the pain you went through these last several months, but I'm touched that we've been able to help you get through it.
Please enjoy these items being sent over for you. We hope you like them and hope your continued support of our games carries on. When you receive this, please send me an email with your shirt size, I'd love to send some shirts. Thank you again for writing in ____ you're a true inspiration for all of us!"

Rimeskeem1208d ago

Even ND letters will drive people to tears

Ezz20131207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Even Ish story drive me to tears...This show how much talented ND really is.

Who played the game know what i'm talking about.

Dynasty20211207d ago

Or be used to drive up hype and foolish love for ND and increase Uncharted sales.

If any of you think they did this out of decency, ANY company for that matter, you're an idiot.

Ezz20131207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


Someone on the internet send ND a letter and ND reply to him in *private* letter....but he choose to talk about it on Reddit.
and That's somehow ND way of drive up hype ?!

please, tell me how ND even know that this guy was going to show the letter and gifts he got?!

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Ezz20131207d ago

Wow....and this is why Naughty Dog are my favorite developer.

They love their fans as much as their fans love them.

showtimefolks1207d ago

simply put this is amazing, it's not like ND needs anymore motivation but I am sure stuff like this drives them to achieve even greater things in future

in my humble opinion ND are the best development studio in gaming, followed closely by kojima and R*

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Neonridr1208d ago

that's really cool. Terrible that it had to come at such a price to the writer, but a very kind and generous thing ND did by reaching out.

Ristul1208d ago

The Last of Us was such an Amazing experience, Naughty Dog really has that special talent to tell a story.

JoeReno1208d ago

agreed. I got stuck at the generator and gave up until I picked up the remaster last week, and played it all the way through over the course of a few days. It in my opinion is a masterpiece of storytelling, and is more compelling than most movies I have seen in the last several years. ND have heart, their games show it, and this response does to.

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ProfessorCrab1207d ago

I've been wanting to play it since it came out and still haven't gotten around to it. I really need to get on that.

PizzaSteve1208d ago

That's nice of them to do.

sovkhan1208d ago

Nice guys indeed, that's all i have to say here :)

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