Hilarious User Reviews on Steam that Deserve to be Framed

The Steam community churns out hundreds of brilliantly written and fun to read reviews every day. But every so often you’ll come across one which just has you slamming your fist on the table and laughing like a seal. Here are our top 7 Steam user reviews that are so hilarious they deserve to be framed.

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Dark_king1155d ago

Thank you good sir for letting everyone know I hate when they do that crap.

sloth33951155d ago

they always do that in that site

wannabe gamer1154d ago

its been knocked down to 2 pages now

Archmagel1155d ago

This is my personal favorite.

pumpactionpimp1154d ago

That does paint a vivid picture.

stevej3361155d ago

It's only 2 pages tho...

SteamPowered1155d ago

I love the Steam Community reviews. Its one of Steam's most unsung star features in my humble opinion.

It plainly states how long the author has played, how long they have been in the community, and of course their personal opinion.

Its great!