Life After Iwata: Will Nintendo Stay The Course Or Chart A Bold New Path?


Earlier this month, the gaming industry lost a bright, creative mind in Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The longtime Nintendo leader's untimely and tragic death was felt throughout the community, and his absence leaves us poorer.

But while the company grieves its beloved leader, business must go on. From this perspective, Iwata leaves behind the first steps toward correcting some of Nintendo’s recent financial troubles. The mobile partnership with DeNA will bring new, unique titles to smartphones and tablets. DeNA is also working on a successor to Club Nintendo, which will hopefully transition licensing from hardware-based to account-based.

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gamer78041234d ago

Their next move has already been started a while ago when the NX was conceived. Many of iwatas ideas will be present in their next console.

-Foxtrot1234d ago

Hopefully only a couple of them get through

No offence but I'd rather they lay off his ideas and actually get up to date with what's going on in the industry

freshslicepizza1234d ago

there is no point in coming out with another console similar to the ps4 and xbox one. nintendo needs to be different, that's their charm.

nintendo is likely making a machine that can scale games to both handheld and consoles very easily. this will help them get more games out at a faster pace. it is likely targeted at $299 for a late 2016 release.

-Foxtrot1234d ago

Ah never cease to amaze me

gamer78041234d ago

Hopefully they can bring iwatas uniqueness but also powerful hardware and a robust social OS

DarkBlood1234d ago

Agreed @gamer7804 one last console with whatever iwatas influence is into the nx before they take it in a different direction the next console\handheld.

XtaZ1234d ago

Nintendo's hardware has disappointed me for almost 10 years now and I'm hoping for that to change with NX. Their software on the other hand has for the most part been really satisfying, but after their E3 presentation I'm starting to worry a bit about the software too. Metroid Prime: Federation Force gave me PTSD.

NobodyEpic1234d ago

Anything will be better tbh now that he's gone. Not to be mean but he brought Nintendo low sales and angry fans.

XtaZ1234d ago

I wouldn't call Wii and DS/3DS's combined sales of over 300 million units "low sales", and their first party software sell a ton too. But I agree they pissed off fans as much as they pleased them in many ways.

The Wii U on the other hand is a disaster despite good software.

FallenAngel19841234d ago

They need a bold new direction since the last one wasn't working. They haven't sold this low amount of combined console and handheld sales since the 90s

Octo11234d ago

People seem to forget that the decisions Nintendo made were not made by one man. It goes to a committee and a lot of those who are in said committee are stuck in the old ways. The man or woman replacing Iwata will have to convince these people to do something drastically different with the new Nintendo console.

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