Bethesda: Only Fallout 4 comparison is a game that 'does all the same things'

The current age of gaming has some interesting tendencies, but from a media and consumer side of it, a common tendency people have is to compare one game to another. While comparisons can help people relate and associate a new game with an existing one, they can also minimize or devalue what a game actually is.

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Irishguy951211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Pff, how arrogant. Your games are not the be all end all pete hines.

" every single item and it’s not just a texture then we can talk."

So what? Theres a good reason devs don't focus on that. Because they're is no point in it. Good for you if you want to focus on that but no wonder your games can get so tedious and boring when you guys focus on irrelevent details. How about sorting out the boring quests and stories and gameplay mechanics and then focusing on finer details like picking up a useless ****ing cup.

In saying that, Fallout 4 looks like your best game yet. But still. Theres much more important things to a video game that being able to pick up random **** on the ground. THeres a good reason Skyrim gets compared to other RPGs because not many people actually care about static enviorments versus movable cutlery. They care about the gameplay, quests and story.

BecauseImBatman1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I care about a dense world full of detail and interaction, think many others do too it's one of the reasons why Bethesda games are so great. It's not like there forgetting gameplay, quests and story but everything in the world having a purpose is pretty cool... makes the world feel more believable and real as apposed to static. You say everything you can pick up is useless but in Fallout 4 literally everything you pick up has a use like for creating 1000s of weapon mods or bases.

thekhurg1210d ago

Bethesda is in full on damage control and their game is still months from release.

This is funny.

They create large worlds void of meaningful content. Just because they boast thousands of craftable things doesn't mean even half of them are going to be useful. When the smoke clears people will realize that out of those "thousands" of crafted items only a small handful of them will be worth using.

Omnisonne1210d ago

I think all those ''lose'' items scattered around add another layer of tools and freedom to toy around with (i.e cheese wheel avalanche in Skyrim) or simply for role-playing purposes, like decorating your home with skulls, weaponry and the like.

So far they are the only developer that do this, and one of the reasons I've been playing Fallout and TES longer than most other RPGs, is because they focus so heavily on the sandboxing element.

someOnecalled1210d ago

you mean finally every thing in the fallout can bet used. this is the first time so what people are point out is true.

Dynasty20211210d ago (Edited 1210d ago ) do realize that "random ***t" is actually useful?

It's incorporated into the crafting system. A globe, toy car and a microscope can be used to create a new sight for your gun etc.

I...don't see how that's possible, but making random trash things in the world actually useful is something pretty new.

Unlike Witcher 3 where...90% of everything you picked up was useless.

There are herbs everywhere in that game, but they're so cheap and the economy is so broken and easy to get rich in that you end up buying everything you need.

thekhurg1210d ago

Wrong. In the Witcher 3 every item (except books/papers/ashes) could be dismantled into core materials to craft gear.

Lamboomington1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

"So what? Theres a good reason devs don't focus on that. Because they're is no point in it. "

What ? lol. Speak for yourself.

The ability to interact with each and every item and object is one of the major features of Bethesda games. It's the backbone of any Fallout or Elder Scrolls game. "Irrelevant details" xD. That's literally what gives a Bethesda game the level of interactivity that you'd expect. It's literally what gives you the ability to do anything in the game, that you'll never be able to do in other games.

Lots of people compare Witcher 3 to Skyrim and say Skyrim was shit, but I can guarantee that a good chunk of those people would have spent more time in Skyrim than in Witcher 3. If you're talking modded Skyrim, those same people would have played Skyrim way more than TW3, and more than they will play modded TW3. Even that is because of these 'irrelevant details' - the way the game is set up lends itself so well to mods. Yes, Skyrim had a ton of issues, but that isn't the point. Comparing it to Witcher 3 is kind of stupid - apples and oranges.

"Pff, how arrogant. Your games are not the be all end all pete hines."

You must have had a bad day or something. All he said was that comparisons with other games weren't exactly sensible or fair, unless those games have the level of interaction as in a Fallout game.
This should come as no surprise after many people said the game looked dated compared to other games. What Pete is saying makes perfect sense. In their game, you can literally take apart, pick up and interact with everything. Heck, that even includes BUILDINGS now. Just about EVERYTHING is completely dynamic, which means graphics comparisons to other games are basically completely unfair.

Even other comparisons. Comparing the story, for example. Other games don't need to account for the player freedom and choice like they do, so there's a tradeoff there. Which is why Pete said "apples and oranges". Really don't know why you're having a hard time understanding this.

Rachel_Alucard1210d ago

tbh the random junk scattered around in Bethesda ARPGs was completely useless since oblivion released in 2006. It took them almost 10 years to fix that with Fallout 4 but they had to devote some amount of time and resources just so you had a use for it finally. They should get some of that time and resources on the most important parts, but instead it seems they like spreading their team thin throughout the development process. Because of this their last entry, Skyrim ended up being a mile wide and an inch deep.

wheresmymonkey1210d ago

I think if the witcher 3 has taught us anything its that if you take the time and effort you can have an open world game with a rediculous amount of fine details and interesting quests.

Perjoss1210d ago

You must have missed the part of the E3 presentation where they explained that any object can now be dismantled into crafting materials. So a useless glass can now be used to make the lens of a sniper scope.

poppinslops1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yeah, Fallout 3 is still the only Bethesda developed game that I've actually finished... I thought I'd love New Vegas, but it's story was a letdown, the map was less-open and it generally wasn't as detailed as Fallout 3 (though it managed to retain all of it's glitchiness).

I've tried several times to finish Skyrim, but the endless parade of fetch-quests wears me down each time... the story isn't bad, but it's too drawn-out and those bloody side-quests just keep piling up!

I hope they've taken the time to make Fallout 4's Boston into a place worth exploring, with memorable characters and quests... it's been a while since they released Skyrim - which is good, as it means Bethesda aren't rushing - but we've since seen the RPG bar raised by the likes of Bioware and CDPR.

It'll be interesting to see if Fallout can still impress... Fully-voiced dialogue isn't enough, but the new crafting/building system is a good start.

TheBurger291209d ago

New Vegas was not made by Bethesda.

poppinslops1209d ago

True, but they did make Oblivion (another one I never finished)and Skyrim, both of which suffer from many of the same problems... as for New Vegas - well, it could have been a lot worse, considering Obsidian only had a couple of years to work on it (Zenimax must've cracked that whip).

It had some meaningful additions, such as weapon mods and the hardcore survival mode, but the factions system was terrible (one NCR idiot runs into your line of fire and suddenly an entire army hates you)... still, I hope they've kept the survival mode for Fallout 4.

Trekster_Gamer1209d ago

They have a valid point. Unless it does the same, reacts the same and plays the same it is Apple's and Oranges.

Can't wait to experience everything Fallout 4 has to offer.

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nowitzki20041210d ago

*Chases ZaWarudo to kick his a$$*

MilkMan1210d ago

F**k are they talking about. That's a FAIL statement and arrogant. They haven't created a genre of their own. They are part of a collective. Idiots!

cd11210d ago

You hear that guys? You can only compare a game if its a sequel from now on (and you can only compare it to the predecessor) - i wonder how Mr Hines plans on policing the new restrictions he's put into place?