Mafia 3 Likely Set in 1960's or 70's New Orleans with 4 Player Co-op

That's right! Mafia 3 has been officially confirmed by 2K Games. A new trailer will debut August 5th at 8AM ET. The recent teaser image shows off what looks to be 1960's or '70's era cars and outfits, plus a swampy environment indicating New Orleans could be the new setting.

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TRASHBOAT___1152d ago

This game gonna be the bomb bruh love them gangsta games

Aloy-Boyfriend1152d ago

I wish Rockstar could remake The Warriors.

BlackTar1871152d ago

I wish Rockstar would make a new Manhunt with a full team and a big budget.

scark921152d ago

OMG YES! The Warriors is one of my fave games of all time, I rebought it on Ebay and everything, one of the best co-op games ever made imo

Thunder_G0d_Bane1152d ago

I missed Mafia 2 but I won't be missing this one! I do love the old gangster style themed games. I put so many hours into Gangsters on PC

TRASHBOAT___1152d ago

if you can bro go back and play Mafia 2 , it's a blast , the story is great and the shooting mechanics are really good the only thing I didn't like was the cover system but other than that great game.

EazyC1152d ago

This is definitely gangster with an 'er' though, proper crime game, none of that gangbanger rubbish. Definitely feelin' the Casino/second half of Goodfellas setting.

TRASHBOAT___1152d ago

What movie do like more , Goodfellas or Godfather ?

seanpitt231152d ago

I hope the gameplay is better in this one I thought the gunplay in Mafia 2 was a bit lacklustre and average.

wellard1152d ago

I wish somebody would remake scarface for current gen. That game was dope.

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Sir_Simba1152d ago

Finally gonna find out what happened to joe.

ScorpiusX1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Don't mind jump in ,jump out Co-op play just as long that the option can be turned of .aside from that I can't wait to play.

SunnyZ1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

From the description, a location in New Orleans, if they include the song House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, I will be smitten!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.