War Thunder Producer Fired After Blackmailing YouTuber Into Signing Contract

War Thunder producer ends up losing his job after trying to coerce a YouTuber to sign contract.

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Majin-vegeta1212d ago

This is disgusting.Glad he got fired.

crazychris41241212d ago

Good riddance, they should be encouraging people to make videos even if negative so they can see whats wrong with the game and fix it.

Ashlen1211d ago

I knew these guys were giving out lots on in game coin to youtube and twitch types, so I'm not all that surprised this happened.

I imagine a lot of shady things are going on under the table in regards to these new media formats.

There is a lot of money changing hands and basically zero oversight or regulation and few laws in place to protect especially given the international nature of it all.

Maxor1211d ago

Russian bullying people to get their way? That never happens!

thebuilder1210d ago

yeah because Western devs don't?

Black0ut1211d ago

Glad he got what was coming...Such actions have no place in todays world. Pretty gross behavior.