Nintendo NX could be PS4 level console after DQXI announcement

GGG writes why today's announcement of Dragon Quest XI for PS4, 3DS and possibly Nintendo NX is a hint that NX is a console close to the power of Sony's PS4.

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Abash1232d ago

I would hope it is at the very least. I mean by the time the NX launches, the PS4 will be three years old or more. Anything less than the PS4's power for a home console would be a bad move for Nintendo

mrbojingles1232d ago

You have to remember Iwata saying "the days of $300 consoles and $200 handhelds may be over" a few years ago. So I wouldn't expect it to be exactly PS4 level but a decent step up. I'd say $199 at launch, ARM A57 8-core @2Ghz, 4GB DDR5 or 6GB DDR3, 800Gflop-1.2TFlop GPU. And I would imagine it will re-use Wii U's propetiary disc drive to shave costs.

Godmars2901232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The Wii U was made with the PS3 and 360 in mind, crippled it against the XB0 and PS4, and I don't see Nintendo changing tactics.

They're going to be on par to the current console generation with a system that will technically be a generation ahead.

Haru1232d ago

When exactly did he say that?

silvacrest1232d ago

any ARM cpu for a next gen console is a failure, especially when the competition is using x86, game compatibility would be an issue again too

stragomccloud1232d ago

Ummm there's no such thing as DDR5 ram.

nitus101232d ago


True DDR5 does not exist, the PS4's memory is 8GB 256bit GDDR5 which has a bandwidth of 176GB/sec.

Basically GDDR5 is an abbreviation for double data rate type five synchronous graphics random access memory.

For more info please look at the following:

It's not good telling someone they are wrong if you don't provide the correct answer or solution.

CrowbaitBob1231d ago


So what you're saying is "there's no such thing as DDR5 RAM."

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-Foxtrot1232d ago

Even if it's on the same level it's still a good move from Nintendo. It means they can keep it cheap and rival the PS4/Xbox One while letting third party devs develop for the NX aswell without none of them holding each other back.

In my opinion I feel like if they do this it will be to last the rest of the PS4/Xbox One gen.

I mean you'd think Nintendo would be a gen ahead but I always count the Wii U as an upgraded Wii as it still feels a gen behind regardless.

Least then the success might steer Nintendo on a better path when all three decide to move into next gen with their new consoles.

Moonman1232d ago

"In my opinion I feel like if they do this it will be to last the rest of the PS4/Xbox One gen."

Well that is a interesting point I never really thought about. I always assumed Nintendo NX would launch first (2017) and then a year later Sony and MS would launch their next consoles. But I never thought that Sony and MS would keep PS4 and Xbox One out for 4-5 more years with NX (2016 launch) being as or slightly more powerful (or less) alongside them. Could go either way, we'll see.

mrbojingles1232d ago

If Nitnendo goes AMD x86, that alone improves the situation. If PS5/XB4 comes out, say holiday 2019 and NX comes out holiday 2016, that's a good three years for ports. A mid-gen release is a gamble but it might pay off. Problem with Wii U was it was coming out during the time all third parties got their PS4/XB1 devkits. If they aren't getting PS5/XB4 kits until late 2018 at the earliest, if not well into 2019, it could bode well for NX. At least it COULD give publishers a third porting option for multiplats.

-Foxtrot1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


"Well that is a interesting point I never really thought about. I always assumed Nintendo NX would launch first (2017) and then a year later Sony and MS would launch their next consoles"

I think Sony/MS might try and keep this gen going for a little longer.

I'm guessing Nintendo doesn't want to go all out at the minute because if they do then by the time the next PS/Xbox come out they will be behind them once again

The timing would throw everything it's better to just categorize the Wii U in the same gen as the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360.

Their best bet is to make the NX on par with this gen until the end. After Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles Nintendo can release theirs a year after learning what devs expect from the new gen.

The NX would basically be a filler until this gen finishes. They'll keep devs happy aswell because if it's just as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One then think of all the ports they can make for their console along with new third party games

The NX would be loaded with games.

Moonman1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


You are making a LOT of sense. Nintendo has to be smart about what they can price NX at for gamers to bite, the level of power it has and how to "woo" third parties back. The Nintendo Woo haha...

And NX should have something unique from a gamers perspective...not a fad but unique.

scark921232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

And then maybe finally make a Monster Hunter game for the PS4 since it could be also on a powerful Nintendo system.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

@Moonman- well Sony and MS likely want a long gen. The longer the gen, the more money they can make on the console, the more install base grows for developers etc.

Publishers love it, console makers like Sony and MS love it....developers...not so much lol.

I see this gen being around 6 to 7 years.

Concertoine1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

But what if this gen doesn't last that long? What if Sony and MS go back to a 6 year cycle, launching their new hardware in 2019 or 2020? The only reason last gen lasted so long was because they both lost so much on hardware, which isn't the case this gen.

Judging by the lack of studios Nintendo has free (most are still making/just finished making Wii U/3DS games, or making DLC for these games), they probably wont have a decent line up of launch games for the NX until 2017 at the earliest.

That would really prevent it from being a successful short term console, it would be too short term. If it was a little more powerful than the PS4 it would just get the same treatment the Wii U did. "Sure its a little more powerful, but next year/in a few years it's going to get destroyed by the PS5."

As for the whole generation thing, the wii u is definitely an 8th gen console. "Generation" isn't defined by power but by sequence. It'll probably be around for 5 years, so i dont think that will be much of a debate by the time NX launches. The Dreamcast came out pretty early, 98 in Japan (3 years after the Saturn), and it is considered the start of its generation.

generic-user-name1232d ago

"while letting third party devs develop for the NX aswell"

Letting? They'll be begging, it's their biggest issue. But just being more powerful won't guarantee better 3rd party support, look at the Gamecube.

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PC_601232d ago

seeing the PS4 was beaten by a gtx 480 in benchmark tests back when the PS4 was released, nintendo would have to be real cheapskates to put something less powerful 3 years after the PS4 release

nitus101232d ago

So you like to compare a US$400 console to a graphics card that was more expensive than that console at the time of it's launch.

If you want to compare properly then you have to have machines that are of comparable price and a graphics card is just one part of a PC.

I do agree that Nintendo will have to create a console that will have equal or better performance than the PS4 or XB1 and be in a similar price range. You also have to remember that the PS4 and XB1 only have to output to 1080p max and that won't change anytime soon.

BTW. 4k TV's are about 10% to 30% more than their equivalent 1080p HDTV's, however since HDTV's are fairly reliable people are not going to get rid of them for 4k TV's for many years to come unless they are first time buyers or have the money and inclination to upgrade.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

But at this point does it even matter? This late into the gen, with a zero install base, how many developers will be jumping to develop on their?

Also consider the fast abandoning of Wii U, soooo make games on NX when the install base gets better only to have them making another system when PS5 and XTWO comes out? (yea where doing that now, XTWO lol)

They put themselves in a bad spot and I'd rather they just support Wii U vs releasing something else as it only shows how little they support their systems.

At this point, it looks like NX will come out very soon (like next year) and I don't even think Wii U will even sell Gamecube numbers at this point...

NX doesn't really need to be powerful, NX merely needs to be able to be worked on by developers and it must be understood by the community, not this whole (Here's our system ya'll........have at it)

It must be able to be worked on by developers in order for content on the platform to have any value to them, its like what Bethesda stated, why announce hardware that can't be worked on by devs because of its architecture and being announced late? you don't get developers on board WHEN the box is ready to ship.

Hopefully they learned that as Square seems to be working on it, hopefully someone tells Square that they can't just make anything they feel like it and then ignorantly expect support.

Nintendo needs to fully support NX for legit....a LONG number of years to gain trust back, if we get another Nintendo console around PS5 releasing, Wii might legit be my last Nintendo console I ever own.

They need to gain back lots of fan respect and trust.

Sylth011232d ago

Gain trust back? Nintendo?

The ones who need to do that are the third party publishers who released horrible ports and publicly insulted the Wii U install base. Not Nintendo, who has done a very good job of keeping the console afloat for the past two years.

Also, obligatory "no one has idea what the NX will be". Most comments on here are based on the assumption it will be a replacement for the Wii U which is directly counter to what Nintendo has already announced.

bradleejones1232d ago

Good point on SUPPORT. That was the issue with WiiU. Nintendo didn't support it well. My fear with them basically dropping support so early is known as the Saturn/Dreamcast effect. I will for one be discouraged to buy into the NX. Pretty sad being I've had just about every system Nintendo has ever released. That's one thing Sony does have in spades.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

@Sylth-"The ones who need to do that are the third party publishers who released"

Nope. Yet they are doing a great job on PS4 and XONE...

They released ports on Nintendo's system because Nintendo the gen prior made an inferior system that didn't support MANY ips concepts, thus....they must test the waters with IPs before wasting money on an install base that may not even play the game, ie Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed etc.

They also created the system with zero input by 3rd party.

Sooo the basically made Wii U then asked for support with no real respect or input to the developers they are even asking to make content for it....

I made a system, oh by the way...make games for it tomorrow.

I'm sorry but Sony nor MS do business that way.

Sony has 8 gigs because they listen to devs, MS put 512mb in 360 because they listen to devs, Sony has PSN because they listen to devs, MS fixed their controller because they actually listen to devs.

I'm sorry but you can't keep blaming 3rd parties for Nintendo's mistakes.

They have zero ode to just lose money on bad architecture and change their concept to work around Nintendo's inferior system...

Nintendo needs to sell Wii U....Gearbox, EA, Bethesda, Rockstar etc don't...that is not their job, their job is to make games, Wii U doesn't allow them to create what they are able to create else where, it cost MORE and it sells less thus they are paying more money, to make a lessor game, to get lessor sales....who the hell is going to do that? Lol

Sooooooo 3 systems can do what Rocksteady needs to evolve Batman, but Wii U can't....OH so lets just nerf the whole game based on Wii U?

OH lets just make it different on Wii U? Sooo put MORE MONEY to make a different version JUST for Wii U, that has the least install base?

I see....why not just ask to make another version for PS3 and 360? Hell even then they would have MORE MONEY based on the install bases yet they didn't do that.

Its not just about the install base, its everything combine, low sales, crappy architecture etc Your asking a developer to make a game on your system that is harder, has a low install base and you never contacted any of those developers to ask for input...

Nintendo made a system with no input with developers, crappy network lacking even basic features of online and inferior to whats currently out....

3rd parties need not worry about Nintendo, they are making money on PS4, XONE and PC...GTAV did 45 million never even touching a Nintendo console, Nintendo is the one that must get 3rd parties back, not the other way around, I'm pretty sure they are good without Nintendo, Nintendo is adding another failed system to its list due to lack of support, do you really think EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar etc are sorry they didn't work on Wii U or something?

They are not shedding a tear for Wii U bud, Nintendo needs to convince them, not the other way around.

Sony had a bad architecture last gen, they listened and fixed it this gen, look at them now 24 million units and games getting announced literally every day....

A mistake is only a mistake if you don't correct it.

ABizzel11232d ago

It would be foolish of Nintendo to try and build a high end console for $400 with the PS4 and XBO being $299 or less next year.

They have no real choice here, but to build a $300 or less console, if they want to have any attempt at being a successful seller.

They're better off staying off the same gen with Sony and MS, and making value based console that aim for $249 or less. They can't compete head to head with Sony and MS, because they're nearly 2 generations behind in online, multimedia, and 3rd party relations.

They need affordable hardware that the majority of their fanbase, and secondary and tertiary console buyers can easily say yes to, since their first party games are their main selling point.

And at

$199 = A10 7770 Quad CPU + 800 GFLOPS GPU + 4GB GDDR5
$249 = Octa Core CPU (PS4) + 1 - 1.2 TFLOP GPU + 4GB GDDR5 + 2GB DDR3
$299 = Same CPU above + 1.5 - 1.9 TFLOP GPU + 4GB GDDR5 + 2GB DDR3

There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of those specs especially at those prices, and all 3 would be capable of holding their own against the PS4 and XBO ($199 = 720p @ 30fps most games, the other 2 are right on par with XBO and PS4).

If they make a $400 console they're stuck with it well into the PS5 and XB4 lifecycle, and it'll be overshadowed. They simply need to stay off the same release schedule, and make a simply and easy to develop for console so they can push out plenty of first party games and get a modest amount of 3rd party support, while they focus on building up their online infrastructure, multimedia & app support, and other services.

masso91121232d ago

I believe 250 USD is the sweet spot for their new console, specs good enough to comoete with ps4/xbo and when MS and Sony release new consoles around 2019 nintendo can launch a new one 2 years after

ABizzel11232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


Absolutely right, and you're the only one who gets it. Those looking for a $400 console are the people who would bankrupt Nintendo, and even then a $400 console is barely more powerful than the PS4 since AMD just released the R 300 series and all the cards besides the Fury cards are rebrands of the R 200 series which is what the PS4 and XBO are based on, which means at best the NX is looking at an R7 370 a minor boost over the PS4.

It's dumb business to invest in that when they can get good enough performance for less, and have a console that cost much less for the consumer and still compete with the PS4 and XBO.

First party games primarily sell Nintendo consoles, and have for the last 4 generations. That $249 console is more than enough to have a large leap for their first party, and have the performance devs need for third parties, since it's in line with the XBO.

They don't have huge OS like PS and XB which is why they only need 2GB of DDR3 / DDR4. And 4GB of GDDR5 is more than enough.

It;s easier to sell a $250 NX to 10's of millions of people, then it is to sell a $400 NX to a niche core Nintendo audience.

And when the PS5 / XB4 launch, Nintendo can drop a new console a couple years later for a similar $250 - $299 for at least 1 more gen until they catch up in all areas, then they can try going head to head if they want and have a GameCube situation on their hands again.

showtimefolks1232d ago

if I was running Nintendo I would get a lot and I mean a lot of feedback from developers and publishers. I would ask them what would it take for you to develop for our next console

what sort of tech do the developers prefer
who much ram
what should be the round about price range
controllers info

I would get feedback from Mark cerny. this guy is a living legend but for some reason people don't put him on the same level as some of the other well known developers

I would than improve our online structure and make sure it's on par with xbox live and psn. I would make it free to make it appealing

and last but not least I would make sure that our console isn't stuck in between last Gen and this gen. it has to be stronger Than ps4 and Xbox one. I don't mind a $399 price point if it means the console will be stronger

no doubt Nintendo makes a lot of money from handheld but they shouldn't go for any gimmicks and just straight up make a hard core gaming console.

JacketsNest1011232d ago

The part about online infrastructure is exactly what they are doing with the DeNA deal. DeNA is experienced in that type of stuff, it was a very wise decision to enter into that partnership.

ABizzel11232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

What's the point, look no further than the PS4 and they have their answers.

The only complaint about the consoles are their CPUs, but Nintendo's in no position to really fix that.

I agree with every thing you said as I posted above, expect for the $399 console. It's a dumb business decision. They are in last place, they have no real mass market audience in the console market since SNES (Wii sold based on it's niche).

A $400 console would sell just as bad as the Wii U if not worse, regardless if it's more powerful or not. What's there to gain from that power. 3rd party games already have homes on PS and Xbox 2 gens in a row now, so the majority of sales and gamers are still going to go to the PS4 / XBO, and once again they'll be back in the position of 3rd parties not supporting the console.

A $400 console won't be nearly that much ahead of the PS4. AMD R300 series is a rebrand of the R200 series that the PS4 and XBO currently use. It also means they're stuck with it much longer into the generation, and the PS5 and XB4 will drop and destroy it performance wise a few years later.

And as you said there are more important things that need to be addressed such as online, game production (more games faster), and multimedia services.

They're much better off with a cheaper console than the XBO and PS4, that performs at the same level.

A $249 NX is an easier sell to the majority of gamers and casual gamers, than a $400 NX, The primary reason people buy a Nintendo console is for first party games, gaining 3rd party support is simply to add diversity to the library that Nintendo's IP don't cover and keep a consistent flow of games coming all year.

4GB GDDR5 for games instead of 1GB

This build is about what I expect, and it retails for $300 before rebates. Just under $257 after rebates. Even taking full retail price of $300, we already know Nintendo would pay much less buying in bulk with a rumored 20m units shipped (NOT SOLD), they should be getting around 20% - 30% off the hardware (we'll say 25%). That's around $225 per console in total cost to Nintendo and should sell for $250 and make a profit when a single game is sold.

It also puts the NX right around the performance level of the XBO, at $50 less. The XBO has no shortage of 3rd party games with it's performance, so why should the NX with similar specs.

This is the smart choice for Nintendo, not a $400 console.

ABizzel11232d ago

Here's the $400 console people keep clamoring for.

Almost $470 meaning Nintendo would pay around $352.50. If they go with 8GB of GDDR5 and add in controller price and they're at close to $400 for the hardware.

For $70 - $100 more than a PS4 by then (2016 - 2017), you get a better CPU, a slightly better GPU, and 4GB of DDR3 for OS.

It's just not worth it, especially with the PS4 and XBO having an install base of around 50m / 30m.

They're better off with the good enough console and a $250 price, than a slightly better PS4 at $400 with no western 3rd party support, questionable online / usage, and serious lack of apps and multimedia support.

A $250 console can overlook and eventually implement all those things over time. A $400 needs to have it all ASAP after launch. For the same price you can buy that $250 console and 2 games and a couple WiiWare games.

$250 -XBO+ & +2 games > $400 PS4+ console and nothing

CertifiedGamer1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

It would be good if Nintendo finally makes a console that can match current gen consoles but then 2 years after we know the PS5 and Next Xbox will be released.

ABizzel11232d ago

It wouldn't be smart of Sony or MS to drop a console before 2019. They're best waiting for 2020 to reap the maximum benefits of hardware evolution and price : performance.

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Trolltroll1232d ago

I dont think so. The xi is for 3ds as well. Hardly proves power. All we know is it is at least as powerful as the wii u because dq x is a wii u title already in jpn. Not hating just stating this dose not mean anything for nx other that it is probably comming sooner than later.

Moonman1232d ago

Well the article stated that too. But reasoned since it is on Nintendo 3DS, why would Nintendo compete with the 3DS version in any way? Would make more sense to compete with the PS4 version.

mrbojingles1232d ago

Yea I don't think he/she read the link. Not just Nintendo but Square. The 3DS version will likely sell a ton in Japan and make major profits. The PS4 version on a small user base in a market where consoles are fading? Not as likely. If Square was choosing between porting the 3DS version that they'll make bank on or porting the PS4 version which major profits aren't certain, they'd probably want to port the PS4 version somehwere if at all possible.

Trolltroll1232d ago

I read the artical. It is just not a accurate comparisons. The 3ds version (dqx) is streamed meaning it is not useing gpu power to make the graphics they are made in the cloud (requires good internet with depleted graphics to correspond w bandwidth). So the stats of the 3ds are almost a irrelevant comparison. This is probably the way they will continue to support multi platforms.

Also I agree. Why compete with your selfs on multi platforms unless you are using a the same streaming style on two of those Nintendo platforms. Keeping the development costs minimal.

JacketsNest1011232d ago


You do realize we are discussing Dragon Quest 11 and not Dragon Quest 10, right? What proof do you have that the new Dragon Quest will use the same streaming concept?

MSBAUSTX1232d ago

The developer wpuldnt waste the time and money porting it to a new system if there wasnt a good reason to. We see this with the Wii U already. So why rerelease X for the NX when it is already on the Wii U and in peoples homes? It would have to be because the best experience will be on the NX. I can not see any other reason.

scark921232d ago

That was my first impression! But I still am weary.

mrbojingles1232d ago

My guess would be something close to the $199 Nvidia Shield TV from Nintendo, just with AMD inside. Quad/Six core ARM x86 or ARM APU, 1TFlop GPU, faster RAM about 4-6GB, light OS that only takes up 1GB or less and only 32GB flash, expandable storage via microSD slot or USB drives, etc.

FallenAngel19841232d ago

That means NX will feel incredibly underpowered once PS5 arrives. Its too early to start the ninth gen when eighth gen hasn't had enough time to truly flourish

MSBAUSTX1232d ago

It can easily be another 4 or 5 years before we see another PS or XB though. PS3 and XB360 lasted almost exactly 7 years. Almost 8 depending on how you look at it. This generation hasnt even seen as many games yet for the new consoles as we did last generation this far in. Meaning these systems will be around for another 4 to 5 years easily.

If that is the case then Ninty can come out with a console soon that can rival them and still be on par with their 5 year replacement plan. They can regain third parties during that time and have wonderful support by the next generation. Which means they could easily be ready with in a year of the next generations start to compete on an even field with PS and XB by then.

This whole thing is shaping up to be very interesting and is definitely good PR and advertising for whatever the NX is. Right now it is mysterious and that is causing the NX to get a lot of the community's attention. Brilliant if you ask me.

Trolltroll1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Wii u has had plenty of time to flourish. And it did not. But stop with this ps5 nonsense. Things can't flourish if you dont give them a chance. Lets see the NX in action before we start to compare it to the nonexistent ps5.

Also there are no rules for generations in gaming. By my count PlayStation is on their 4th gen xbox is on 3rd and nintendo is on its 6th gen. These are different companies who will put their next generation product when they believe that it is ready. I dought it will affect Ps4 at all.

ngaydazng71232d ago

Sony is working on the PS5 right now, so I wouldn't say non existent. tech is not slowing down but speeding up. if the NX isn't more powerful then they should just wait.

mrbojingles1232d ago

Who says it has to start the next-gen? Also, why would it be shocking that a console released in 2016 would feel underpoweredcompared to a console released in 2019 or 2020 potentially? What stops Ninty from then releasing an NX2 a year or two later that bests PS5 or is close to it like this, etc? The strategy of intentionally releasing a newconsole mid-gen might work for them.

gangsta_red1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The PS5? In what 8 to 9 years from now? The NX is rumored to be launching close to two maybe even one year from now. I hardly think anyone is even worried or threatened about the PS5 so early.

NX can easily come out and be competition for the Xbox One and PS4. And with Nintendo's excellent first party games might even over take today's consoles.

It will be very interesting to see Nintendo actually be a competitor again instead of always trying to do their own thing.

ABizzel11232d ago

NX won't overtake PS4 / XBO unless it fixes all the issues Nintendo has, has performance on above the consoles, and sells at a stupid low price $199 or less.

Those 3 things aren't happening all at once. That being said the NX has a great chance of being a successful console for Nintendo if they fix their issues, make games gamers have asked for for generations, have performance on par with the consoles (at worst slightly weaker than XBO), and sell for around $249.

FallenAngel19841232d ago

That would be a huge disservice to the currently growing Wii U owners if Nintendo abandoned them just to compete with PS4/X1 by releasing the NX. Then Nintendo would upset those same NX owners if they abandoned the console when the PS5 releases.

Abandoning your user base, let alone twice, doesn't bode well in gaining loyalty amongst consumers. Marketing is bad for owners of the previous console because the platform they just bought could be irrelevant within a year or two.

MSBAUSTX1232d ago

Exactly how are they abandoning anyone? Have you seen how many games they are pumping out by themselves or out right buying for the Wii U? They still about 5 more exclusives coming in the next 12 months too. It is the third parties that abandoned Ninty owners. Ninty is going to make the best business decision they can and if that means releasing a system that sells better than so be it. But to say they abandoned the Wii U is ignorant and blind hate instead of comparing it to the truth.

The truth being :

Mario Bros Wii U
Lego City Undercover
Monster Hunter U
Zombi u
Bayonetta 2
Wonderful 101
Smash u
Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Captain Toad
Hyrule Warriors
Wind waker HD
Pikmin 3
DK Tropical Freeze
Mario Maker
Xeno X
Starfox Zero
Yoshi's Wooly World
Wii U Sports Club
Game and wario
Mario Party
Sonic Lost World
New Mario Tennis
Fast racing Neo
Devils Third
Zelda U
Nintendo land
Nintendo NES Remix
Mario and Sonic at Sochi
Sonic Boom
Wii Fit U
Fatal Frame

And countless exclusive Indies, full Wii backwards compatibility, and virtual console games from retro systems. I listed 35 exclusive titles to the Wii U in 3 years. 25 of which Nintendo either published and produced or just bought and published for another developer. I'm sorry but they have supported the living hell out of the Wii U. Give them a freaking break because, by my calculations a new exclusive game has been released about once a month since the system launched with 8 to 9 of those exclusive releases being directly made by Ninty each year.

I dare you to show me a console developer that makes that many exclusives for a console that barely sells 4 million units a year. You can't. So stop bashing them for potentially dumping a system that they have supported and got nowhere in doing so. They need to make some money. You want more support and more Nintendo games? Then Buy their next console too. I guarantee you there will be just as many Ninty games on it as well.

masso91121232d ago

If NX launches holiday 2016, that would be a full 4 year life for Wii U, pretty good considering the specs it has

gangsta_red1232d ago

Abandoning? The system hasn't been very popular and the support from other devs has been Zero. It would be a disservice to Nintendo to even consider keeping the support going for that system.

Better to cut losses now and start fresh with a new console and market that towards gamers.

The WiiU is already irrelevant. Don't really see how it can be more so.

Maybe this NX system is the one where Nintendo gets back in the ring with Sony and MS. They have to know by the example of the WiiU how important 3rd party games are. No way is Nintendo going to make another system that doesn't cater to other developers.

It'll be even more interesting if Nintendo decides to make a console even more powerful than the PS4/X1.

Sylth011232d ago


I do not believe FallenAngel was suggesting that Nintendo has abandoned the Wii U, merely saying if they did it would be a huge disservice to current owners. A comment likely aimed at the theory that Nintendo will start releasing consoles at a faster pace in an attempt to 'catch up' to the playstation.

Subaruwrx1232d ago

Well said - whatever NX turns out to be, it shouldn't be a stop gap console. Nintendo should bow down to 3rd parties and produce a console that provides a significant spec boost over the X1 and PS4 - it should also be easy for 3rd parties to develop for. Gamers will pay $350-$400 for a console that gives them better performance, allows them to play all the best 3rd party games and 1st party Nintendo games.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

@MSBAUSTX- "Exactly how are they abandoning anyone?"

They are leaving Wii U behind and clearly they are in talks with developers about NX before we even got another glimpse as Zelda Wii U...

Infamous Second Sun
Killzone SF
Sound Shapes
Dead Nation
MLB The Show
The Last Of Us Remastered
Unfinished Swan
Hell Drivers
God Of War III
The Order 1886
Until Dawn
Disgaea 5
Uncharted collection
Everyone Gone To The Rapture
Fat Princess

...that is just first party, that isn't even the full 2 years either.

Star Wars BF
Fallout 4
AC Unity
AC Syndicate
Call Of Duty Ghost
Call Of Duty BOIII
Strike Suit Zero
Alien Isolation
Evil Within
Shadow of Mordor
Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
Metro Redux
Far Cry 4
Dying Light
Just Cause 3
Mad Max
Batman Arkam Knight
Witcher 3 etc

Bud...that is again only the first 2 years, tons upon tons of games are still releasing this year and next, never mind what Nintendo might be making.....3rd parties are only making lots of titles only on PS4 and XONE and PC thus.... you might have a list of what they are making, but PS4 and XONE got a list in 1 year that destroys any number of games on Wii U in its whole gen, I'm sorry but they don't just over take all publishers.

You might think that list is "boss" and acceptable, I don't.

MSBAUSTX1232d ago


You listed Indies. I didnt. So you fail.

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FallenAngel19841232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Because if Nintendo releases another console next year, people will be less inclined to support the Wii U. And there's no guarantee NX will perform better commercially. Every since SNES, Nintendo consoles have sol fewer units than its predecessor with the sole exception of the Wii.

Idk why you're listing already released games when I'm talking about future releases. Wii U will be even more irrelevant if another console is released next year. And that console will become irrelevant when the PS5 gets released a few years later. It'll be a never ending cycle of Nintendo releasing and abandoning consoles in quick succession just to be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft on a level playing field.

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

Agreed. Mind you, that list of games is nothing compared to PS4 and XONE with even LESS time as Wii U's sales very much show just how great those titles did for the platform.

For them to already be seeking NX, its clear Wii U is getting left beyond, easy, they left the Wii behind and it had a greater install base, I see them leaving Wii U behind in a heart beat.

MSBA post some list of junk, I mean LMFAO!

Sooo several years in we are listing this junk? A list composed of some bad games, games that have yet to release, ports....

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MSBAUSTX1232d ago

Read this earlier today as well. Very interesting stuff! Cant wait to see what it really is