How this video game company is helping people hear better

Fortune - Turtle Beach Corporation, the market leader in console video game headsets, has over the years developed audio technology that enables gamers to hear soft video game sounds such as footsteps around the corner and gun reloads off in the distance.

And now the company is doing more with that technology than just helping gamers get higher scores.

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gamerlive1211d ago

This is a really cool alternative for people who can't hear well like my dad, and I'm sure a lot of older parents.

DirtyPete1211d ago

This is actually really very neat. Its cool to see them try to help those who cant hear well. Helps include everyone with my fav hobby :)

Lon3wolf1211d ago

I am one of the hard of hearers, tinnitus too, good to see they are looking into these things more, saves having a headset at loud levels just to hear everything which obviously is not good in the long term in itself.