Study shows Call of Duty players more likely to be conservative

GameZone: "A new study coming out of the United Kingdom has suggested that Call of Duty players are three times more likely to hold conservative political views."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1232d ago ShowReplies(2)
Nonscpo1232d ago

No surprise there whatsoever! It's not a bad or a good thing, it's just the most likely outcome.

Sly-Lupin1231d ago

What? Conservatives like guns and ubermensch fantasies?

What kind of crazy, bizzaro world is this!?!?

kraenk121231d ago

lol. love your sarcasm :D

MetroidFREAK211232d ago

Lol video games should NEVER be compared to politics... Wow... Stupid article

Peace_Love_and_FPS1231d ago

I don't think it was meant to compare, just a little insight into consumers. I don't get how they were comparing the two, they just said Sims players tend to support the labor party and CoD players tend to support the conservatives.

TheCommentator1231d ago

I don't get how so many 12 year olds are into politics!

Septic1232d ago

Not surprising considering the amount of time I've heard people told me to go back to my country when I adopt a Nigerian or Chinese accent.

Swiggins1232d ago

I remember when I had a friend from South Africa play with me for a little while, and a bunch of douche-canoes told him he should "go back to Australia MATE!"

Needless to say, he thought it was hilarious.

Death1232d ago

Pfft. I have French Canadian friends that people call terrorists because they have an accent. It's fun to laugh at other people's stupidity for awhile and then it starts to get really sad. :(

Lamboomington1231d ago


You realize people are doing that because they're trying to be funny.

It's very unlikely that the majority of them are actually racist.

zekk1231d ago

Death maybe its FLQ reference?

Sly-Lupin1231d ago

@Lamboo: What's the difference between being racist and pretending to be racist?

Protip: there isn't one. What matters is what you do or say, not what you think.

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Swiggins1232d ago

In other news water is wet and Donald Trump is an ***hole.

Death1232d ago

Mr. Trumps brain-mouth filter doesn't work very well. It's a shame because he's pretty bright and has some very good ideas.

Summons751232d ago

Yeah, a terrible TV show where he gets to say "You're Fired" all the presidential candidate ever /s

wakeNbake1232d ago

Im Hispanic and I want him to win, he has the balls to say what alot of others are thinking but too afraid to say, and best of all he has his own funding, so no pandering to donor's interests. Its his stance on China I most agree with.

BlackTar1871231d ago


Weird i feel the same way. I mean i don't know if i trust that guy to run a country but our country is so f'ed up right now obviously staying the course isn't the answer. He says and does stuff that people only think to themselves about. Now whether or not he can run a country is a huge issue but the man has some ideas that are really beneficial to this country.

That said i can't say i'm voting for him either though too early and his sideshow so far is kinda of annoying.

Death1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


That pretty much sums up the way I feel too. The country needs change and Trump isn't afraid to make that change. The fact he isn't in it for the money is also something we need, but as a businessman I could see that going either way. I would like nothing more than to see someone in office with the countries best interest at heart instead of focusing on other nations problems. We have enough poverty, hunger and debt of our own that needs addressed. I would rather see America lead by example instead of force. Fix the problems here and maybe other countries will respect the way we do things to make their own change.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1231d ago

@wakeNbake @Death @Blacktar187

(no disrespect towards your views, just like yours mine is an opinion of what I think may happen, based on what he has said and done, so if any of you read this and take the time to reply, which I would appreciate greatly, let's keep it a friendly debate :D)

Where to start.. He wants to build a great wall on the Mexican side of the boarder, have them pay for it and maintain it, after he directly insults their leader.

If John F. Kennedy had that thought process in democratic negotiations Florida would be Chernobyl and Cuba would be wiped off the map.

His foreign policy is ridiculous, and he will probably start a f****** war with his idiotic comments. You know what he said about McCain? He called McCain a coward for getting captured in Vietnam while he had 200000 bucks coming out of college, around the same time McCain was learning to walk again in a war camp. I wonder how he will treat veterans? Or better yet, the Chinese, who we need more than they need us.

Wake, you do know he called all Hispanics r*****s right? He thinks, you are lazy, undetermined and don't deserve to live in his country. You, want to vote for him.

What has stopped change in your country (Canadian, here) is the Republican party. Obama very well could have succeeded if he had a democrat Congress, not a stubborn bunch of old men unwilling to compromise because they are making millions from the exploitation of their own citizens. They all have their stocks in healthcare, oil, and other large industries. Trump will want to simply add to their fortunes, and them to his, the rich get richer under Republicans and its a fact.

If one thing can be said, it's that money, and power, are never enough. He will go from president to CEO/Owner of the US, he will not wish to ever relinquish his power should he be elected and just like his companies, it'll aaaaall be about two things: profit, and filing for bankruptcy. Of course their are safeguards to prevent this, but there were once safeguards on your personal privacy and rights...

Anyways, that's my 2 cents, take it as you will :) you guys have the say in that election, not me (got my own in October).

Best of luck to you all, choose wisely!

DLConspiracy1231d ago

I can't imagine/trust trump to handle foreign negotiations for ANY country. He is a clown.

Concertoine1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


Trump isn't my favorite candidate, but im getting sick of the misconceptions about him. He NEVER said "all mexicans are rapists". He said the ones hopping the border and the ones getting deported by Mexico are bringing crime and disarray. As someone who lives in southern Texas, i can vouch. It is a serious problem. They work for cheap and out of the register so they don't pay taxes like the rest of us. Most of them know very little english too.

Im only 18, just starting college, so looking for a part time job and it's not easy when you got illegals that are willing to work for less than minimum wage. As for crime, it's hard to get any stats but in my personal experience, this close to the border, illegals are behind a fair bit. They're usually off the grid, and don't or pretend to not speak english, so even if the cops know they're guilty they send them back over to Mexico so they can hop the border again.

It's very frustrating and ive had friends move away because of the crime and the ignorance from 3/4 of the country to the issue makes it seem doomed to continue. Now the first time a nominee speaks up about it the liberal media twists it into racism to stir the masses. You live in Canada, dude, you don't know a damn thing about this issue, with all due respect.

There are the "mind their own business and make an honest living" illegals, most of which do manual labor that the citizens here aren't vying to do. Im not racist at all, these people should just go through the same process as every legal immigrant in the US. Along with better border control, we don't deserve to be Mexico's dumping ground.

And honestly, Trump is the only one i CAN see negotiating with China, etc. He's a successful face they can recognize, a business man they've probably done deals with before. You can't honestly say you see someone like Bernie or Hillary negotiating with China.

kraenk121231d ago


His stance on China is incredibly dangerous knowing China kinda owns your country.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


Illegals are 45% less likely to commit crimes, your government let citizens kill literally hundreds in the desert when all they want for their family is a good life and over a quarter of all small businesses started in the last 5 years are started by immigrants.

Being white, I feel like it's ridiculous for us to be pissed about someone coming into our country to create a new life, our ancestors did that. Maybe if you had property immigration services you would be able to STOP CRIMINALS and let in skilled workers.

In my opinion the more people making and spending money the better, in fact it's a fact, basic economics.

I am from Canada, but I'm also going to university (lel, college! That's funny) for political science and know more about your states politics, demographics and structure than an unemployed college student. I also studied your oil and gas industry, as a NDP party member for the party now running government of Alberta, before they were in power.

Go to Finland, you won't need a job because they'll pay for your school and living expenses. Otherwise, learn some sense because you don't know a d*** thing about your states situation.

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SeanScythe1231d ago

This just in children and people not from America don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1231d ago


Wouldn't post this here if you weren't so cocky. This is a UK survey about UK politics, but no someone's gotta be riding the patriotism train! Get that bald eagle out of your a** and sit down, Jeb.

News flash, Americans are no longer the best, you got beat by Nintendo, polar bears, kangaroos and people who race f****** reindeer. That's just plain sad.

This said, I have many American friends, almost all of which are ashamed of people like you creating a bad image for their country. That's why they sew Canadian flags on their bags when they travel, people like you set such a bad precedence and have for so long that the whole world is sick of your breed of patriot.

This just in, you need the rest of the world. Grow up.

SeanScythe1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Haha yeah keep living in that bubble. There is a reason come to our country more than any other. And that I have American friends sound like white people saying they have black friends remark. Also what is a jeb? I'm guess it's some insult but the only jeb I know is the moron running for president? Maybe you should stop being an obama, that's what we tell our kids they made when they poop.

And lowest education, what do you expect when we take in more of the worlds poor and uneducated than any other country? Did they break this study down by country or origin? No! It's just rated by people in the country and the scores they produce.

Also to your above comment about old white men stopping obama (racist much?) he had 2 years with a super majority meaning he had control of the congress and senate. He could have gotten anything he wanted passed. But he focused on healthcare and barely got that. You may want to educate yourself before you speak.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

I don't agree with how Peace expressed what he said, but the US is no longer the best in many different categories (education, health care, life expectancy, average income, etc) and won't be again until americans admit it's not "the best country in the world" anymore. What you said about the US educational system being undermined by poor and uneducated immigrants is simply ignorant. While I'm at it, what you said about Obama and healthcare is ignorant as well. You're really not the one to tell someone else to educate themselves before speaking.

OT - No surprise to me. Most of the people I know who still play CoD are conservatives.

Swiggins1231d ago

>Assumes I'm not an American because I don't like Donald Trump.

Oh lol.

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Concertoine1231d ago

Lets all talk about American politics in an article about UK politics!

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