Square Enix CEO Phil Rogers discusses 2015 games, trends and a lot more

Examiner had the opportunity to speak with Square Enix CEO of the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers at E3 2015 about what's left in 2015, Life is Strange, gaming trends, Just Cause 3 and so much more.

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breakpad1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

whatever the CEOs are telling ...the thing is that SquareEnix managed to heal from the cancer which was called Yoichi Wada (former boss of Square)...aka no multiplatform garbages (like FFXIII), a lot more focus on console gaming, no need for wide acceptance of their IPs(again like the terrible abomination FFFXIII), return to classic JRPGs and also back to their fan- roots aka PS installbase

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brokenbracket1237d ago

They better stop shyting on themselves. Digital only releases, 1yr exclusives, that doesn't fly with the gaming community. Changing things when they don't need to be changed, taking handouts just to finish a game. That doesn't scream "we're in a good place."