Mortal Kombat vs. Blitz Almost Happened

Hate the idea of DC characters in Mortal Kombat? What would you think of football characters from the Blitz series? It nearly, almost happened.

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Poor Xbots3585d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, blitz? Poor Xbots, your fixme dvd player would have "Blitz" this game, rofl!

Poor Xbots

Isaac3585d ago

Midway is too desperate, they should have made a MK Open World game instead of looking how to ruin the franchise once and for all. Why the hell does Ed Boon agree to this anyway? It is his creation, he should be doing wonders with it.

ash_divine3585d ago

glad that didn't happen.

The gaming GOD3585d ago

I knew desperation was creeping up on Midway. But MK vs Blitz???, that's just ridiculous.

If that game EVER came to reality, Midway would deserve to go bankrupt.

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