FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD - PC Requirements Revealed, New PC Screenshots Released

Square Enix has revealed the PC system requirements for FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD, and released a new set of screenshots.

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Irishguy951208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


For a psp game
Processor: CPU Core i5 2.7GHz
Memory: RAM 6GB
Disk Space: HDD/SSD 30GB
Video: GTX750 mp4 [H.264]
Sound: DirectX XAudio2API
DirectX®: 11 and over

Not that i'm complaining i'm well above but still

Kal-V31208d ago

Its not a PSP game, its a PS4\XBO game. Type 0 HD would not play on a PSP

Irishguy951208d ago

Ah I know but still, it hasn't changed at its core. The graphics are

No that great either. You know? Porting and HD upgrades are all well and good, but it doesn't look up to Xbox360 and Ps3 quality even.# you know? FFXIII looks better than it in every way.

Thus my confusion. I think its just..since its on Ps4/Xbone, they just don't need to optimize it much. But this game should not need to touch off a core i5 or a 750 you know?

Its ps4 sure. But this is Ps4

DevilOgreFish1208d ago

"Video: GTX750 mp4 [H.264] "

media codecs in the system requirements, interesting. Well this is said to be the latest version of TYPE-0, which features DX11 as well.

Website quote -

"FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD for Steam will bring a selection of updated features including an improved in-game battle camera, full Steam achievements and trading cards, scalable motion blur settings and a customizable dynamic screen shot mode. The PC release will also offer full controller support, and for high end PCs – upgraded graphics resolution options. Other additions include increased blood levels and new character speed boosts."

Tabata quotes -

“Developing FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD for Steam gave us the opportunity to fully realize our original vision of the game in an enhanced and refined experience exclusively for PC players.”

So it's not exactly "psp", Type-0 was also built using DX11.

noxeven1208d ago

I got it on Xbox one it isn't bad still need to beat it though

UNKLE1208d ago

even ff12 looking better in 1080p native on pc ps2 emulator... just look ff12 World and the sky and the sun effect waaaaay better graphics than remastered type0.