The Frames Per Second Fight is Just the Return of the Bit Wars… We All Need to Move On

Warp Zoned writes:

"I bring up the old Genesis/Super NES rivalry because there’s a new trend in gaming that mirrors the old Bit Wars disturbingly well, and that’s frames per second, or FPS. It seems before anyone on the Twitters or the Faced Books or Red Its can talk about the actual content of the game, they have to ask about the framerate. Many a conversation takes place in the comments section on any new trailer about the framerate, and plenty of online warriors proudly attempt to start a boycott of any game that runs at less than 60 FPS."

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Entonations1212d ago

It's really not though, fps in older consoles up until psx and n64 used to be all a solid 60fps. Remember, nes was 60fps, super nintendo was 60fps, genesis was 60fps, ps4 and xbone are mostly 30fps titles. Ever since we started valuing graphics above gameplay, we've let the fps drop.

hiphopisdead1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

This is such a ridiculous comment.

SNES, GENESIS, 2D era consoles... are you trying to say the games rendered more frames per second? each animation had like 3 frames total! lol. so those 3 frame choppy animations were running at 60fps or refresh rate and that's supposed to be better gameplay? Driving games on the SNES, when you were driving past trees or other cars on the road, the tree or opponent car also each had a total of, maybe 3 frames to "animate"? lol.

3D changed everything where there is actual rendering vs. overlaying images. Yes, my screensaver can overlay images and move them around the screen at my monitor's full refresh rate, but am I supposed to compare that to an actual 3D game?

All these old games are great, and they still make these retro style games today, which can be compared... but as soon as you say that FPS on SNES was 60, and that's supposed to mean something when comparing to today, -> not to be mean, but just honest -> you make 0 sense.

SolidGear31211d ago

Erm, most PS4 games are 60 FPS

PygmelionHunter1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Actually, 60fps are preferred for a smoother experience, and is elementary for some genres in gaming (fighting games, shooters, racing games, etc...), but only if it is solid, as an unlocked frame rate can also impact the game negatively.

The "bit wars" (I agree this is a good term. Thank you, James Rolfe) would be closer to today's resolution wars. Contrary to frame rate, resolution plays a small role in how we play video games, So it is quite stupid seeing people discuss who can output higher resolution when you have incompetent developers releasing sub-30fps games left and right.

Sadly, this article is terribly misinformed, and the author seems to have that distinctive childish attitude towards PC gamers that you would usually find in immature console users who can't stand the obvious performance superiority that PC games usually offer (me being a console gamer myself).