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Ben from TG writes:
OK, so before I get right into this review I need to make a confession. I’m sure it’s going to leave me open to plenty of criticism but it’s best to get it out anyway…I am not really a fan of remastered games. To some that will be blasphemy but to me I just feel that at the moment the video game market is being flooded with remastered games at a time when release dates are getting pushed back and fewer and fewer original games are coming from the AAA developers and publishers. For me I feel like that time spent on remastering a game could be better spent coming up with a story for a new game in the franchise or pushing resources into a game already in development in order to iron out the bugs and get a game out on time.

So I say all that and then I open myself up to even more criticism when I think about what I am about to write next…God of War 3 Remastered is an absolute masterpiece! No you’re not going crazy, the guy who just said he isn’t a fan of remastered games has just called this Remaster and masterpiece.

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OB1Biker1236d ago

'time spent on remastering a game could be better spent coming up with a story for a new game' etc

Thats misinformation since GOW R was developed by Wholesale Algorithms

xHeavYx1236d ago

Besides, as it was stated many times, a lot of people went from being 360-only owners to getting a PS4, so they didn't get to play these exclusive games.
Remastered games are also profitable.

LoveSpuds1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

As a huge fan of the series I was quite excited to play GoW3 again, especially with the better performance.

I have to say, the game is flippin' brilliant and offers a fantastic experience, more than worth the asking price (I paid just 23 quid).

I have no regrets about the purchase at all however I must confess that the remaster is quite underwhelming- the game is awesome because it was awesome first time around but if they have reworked the textures I am having a tough time noticing them, there are some that actually look quite bad. The performance is silky smooth for sure but I didnt have any complaints about performance on my PS3 playthroughs.

Like I said, if you like GoW3 or missed it first time around then you really should play it, its fantastic but dont expect the kind of remaster provided by the likes of The Last of Us.